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Senigallia is located on the Mid-Adriatic coast at the mouth of the Misa river. Its territory is mostly flat but surrounded by hills sloping towards the sea; the old town follows the urban setting of the Roman site, that was founded on a hill south of the Misa river.

SEASIDE HOLIDAY: The town boasts the famous beach dubbed “velvet”,  consisting of 13 Km of a most fine sandy coast interrupted only by the long docks of the port and by the suggestive Rotunda by the Sea, built in the XIX century to administer hydrotherapic therapies and to host parties; nowadays it hosts exhibitions and events. Along the boardwalk there are many beach resorts equipped with beach volley, soccer and tennis courts, as well as playgrounds for children. Along the promenade you can also find the “Bibliomobile”, a service offered by the city library, which lends books to tourists directly on the beach. In addition, skilled professionals perform readings and leisure activities for children. Along the main boardwalk there's a bike track, where you can bike or skate. Near Senigallia, as a natural extention of its beach, is Marzocca, whose beach is mostly pebbly. The beaches awarded with the Blue Flag label in 2018 are Levante and Ponente; in addition, the Porto della Rovere (Della Rovere Port) has been awarded the 2018 Blue Flag Harbor.

TOURIST ATTRACTIONS: The symbol of the town is the Rocca Roveresca, a splendid example of fifteenth century military architecture, built by Giovanni della Rovere. Must see attactions are: the Palazzo del Duca, with its beautiful paneled ceiling painted by Taddeo Zuccari; Palazzetto Baviera, where you can admire splendid stuccos made by the celebrated plasticizer Federico Brandani in 1590; Portici Ercolani, one hundred and twenty arches in Istrian stone that line the right bank of the Misa river; they were built to accommodate the many merchants who used to come to Senigallia in July for  for its enormous commercial fair - the Maddalena Fair; the Foro Annonario, a neoclassical building in brick, projected by Pietro Ghinelli in 1834; it hosts the city market and a large number of shows and concerts in summer; the Church of the Cross, where you can admire the "Burial of Christ" by Federico Barocci. You can't miss: the Museum of Modern Art, Information and Photography, which houses some works by contemporary photographers including those made by Cavalli and Giacomelli, founders of the "Photographic School Misa", established in Senigallia in the 50s; the diocesan Art Gallery, the museum dedicated to Pope Pius IX in his birthplace. The archaeological site "La Fenice" documents the consistency of the settlement of Sena Gallica, the first Roman colony on the Adriatic Sea. 3 km from the historic center is the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie, home to the "Sergio Anselmi" Museum of History of sharecropping. The homonymous church boasts a masterpiece made by Perugino. Senigallia is among the capitals of Italian restaurants: there are countless local restaurants who appear in the most famous guides to hospitality. Moreno Cedroni and Mauro Uliassi are internationally acclaimed chef. Many events are organized throughout the year like, for example, the traditional fireworks  and the folk Fair of Sant 'Agostino which enlivens the center of Senigallia in late August, drawing more than 500 exhibitors.  The most remarkable festival is the Summer Jamboree, the international festival dedicated to the music and culture of America of the 40s and 50s ; in late July and early August there are concerts of the most well-known bands of the genre, a great vintage market and motorbike parades and cars of the 40s-50s. Further important events  include: the Music festival, which is held in June, the CaterRaduno, with numerous musical and theatrical events; Pane Nostrum, the international bread festival, which takes place every September. 

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The Attractions of Senigallia

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Senigallia things to Watch

Discover the attraction Senigallia- Pious IX and Senigallia

Senigallia- Pious IX and Senigallia

Pious IX (Giovanni Maria Mastai Ferretti) was born in Senigallia on 13th May 1792. He became pope in 1846. He proclaimed the dogma of the Immaculate Conception...

Discover the attraction The Pope Pius IX Museum

The Pope Pius IX Museum

The museum exhibits many relics and testimonies of the life of Giovanni Maria Ferretti, who became Pope in 1846 with the name Pope Pius IX and proclaimed Saint...

Discover the attraction Senigallia: The Antonelliana Library

Senigallia: The Antonelliana Library

The public library of Senigallia is named after two illustrious members of the Antonelli family, Nicola and Leonardo. Nicola Antonelli ( 1698-1767) served as a...

Discover the attraction Senigallia- Cycling along the Misa river to the borders of Ostra

Senigallia- Cycling along the Misa river to the borders of Ostra

On your mountain bike equipped with sports kit and full water bottle, you’re ready for an enthralling tour of the hinterland of Senigallia which is about...

Discover the attraction Senigallia- Sea breezes  on the Cesano waterfront north of Senigallia

Senigallia- Sea breezes on the Cesano waterfront north of Senigallia

If you wish to enjoy a long, relaxing bike ride with a friend or fellow adventurer on two wheels then go along the Senigallia waterfront, which has consistently...

Discover the attraction Senigallia - Church of SS. Sacrament of Holy Cross

Senigallia - Church of SS. Sacrament of Holy Cross

The church exterior is of simple late renaissance style, in contrast with its astonishing Baroque interior. The famous “Burial of Christ” by...


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