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Since 1853 Senigallia has been one of the most popular seaside resorts on the Adriatic Coast with its thirteen kilometres of golden sands, the famous Velvet Beach.
Senigallia can boast the prestigious Blue Flag label, that is awarded by the Foundation for Environmental Education to environmentally well-kept beaches across Europe. The important "eco-label" is given to sites that meet strict criteria including water quality, environmental management, safety and other services.

Senigallia's pride is also the large number of good restaurants where you can try the best of the Adriatic catch.
There is a wide range of accommodation facilities, attracting tourists from Italy and all over the world. Many events are organized especially in Summer time. The most popular one is Summer Jamboree, a rock festival taking place in August. Although its prosperity nowadays depends on tourism, Senigallia is a town with a long history. Its name bears witness to its earliest inhabitants - the Galli Senoni, a Celtic tribe who settled here around the 4thC BC.
The finest monument is the old fort, the Rocca Roveresca, built in 1480; it’s a splendid example of military architecture, witnessing the various stages of its construction, from Roman time to Renaissance.

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The Attractions of Senigallia

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Senigallia things to Watch

Discover the attraction Senigallia - Rotonda a Mare

Senigallia - Rotonda a Mare", the Pier

The Rotonda has been the symbol of Senigallia as a resort since 1933, the year of its opening. During the summer season it was the elegant meeting place for...

Discover the attraction Della Rovere Fortress

Della Rovere Fortress

The Fortress can be considered as an amazing History book: in fact, it is the result of several defensive structures overlapping and coming in succession...

Discover the attraction Senigallia - Tourist Office

Senigallia - Tourist Office

At the Tourist Offices you can have informations about events, places to visit, history, art and culture and tourism.It is also possible to have informations on...

Discover the attraction Senigallia: The Antonelliana Library

Senigallia: The Antonelliana Library

The public library of Senigallia is named after two illustrious members of the Antonelli family, Nicola and Leonardo. Nicola Antonelli ( 1698-1767) served as a...

Discover the attraction Senigallia- Cycling along the Misa river to the borders of Ostra

Senigallia- Cycling along the Misa river to the borders of Ostra

On your mountain bike equipped with sports kit and full water bottle, you’re ready for an enthralling tour of the hinterland of Senigallia which is about...

Discover the attraction Senigallia- Sea breezes  on the Cesano waterfront north of Senigallia

Senigallia- Sea breezes on the Cesano waterfront north of Senigallia

If you wish to enjoy a long, relaxing bike ride with a friend or fellow adventurer on two wheels then go along the Senigallia waterfront, which has consistently...


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