Sassocorvaro Auditore

Via Roma Capoluogo, 2 - Sassocorvaro Auditore (PU)
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Sassocorvaro Auditore is an Italian town of 4 930 inhabitants in the province of Pesaro and Urbino.
It is a sparse municipality, established on 1 January 2019 by the merger of the municipalities of Auditore and Sassocorvaro.
The municipality of Sassocorvaro Auditore includes the inhabited centers of Auditore, Sassocorvaro (municipal seat) and the towns of Bronzo, Ca 'Guido, Ca' Angelino, Caprazzino, Case Nuove Provinciali, Casinina, Castelnuovo, Celletta di Valle Avellana, Fontanelle, Mercatale, Molino Fulvi, Piagniano, Pian d'Alberi, San Donato in Taviglione, San Giovanni, San Leo Nuovo.

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Sassocorvaro Auditore

Via Roma Capoluogo, 2
Sassocorvaro Auditore (PU)
0722.769011 0722.769258


The Attractions of Sassocorvaro Auditore

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Sassocorvaro Auditore things to Watch

Discover the attraction Sassocorvaro - Ubaldinesca Fortress

Sassocorvaro - Ubaldinesca Fortress

The Ubaldinesca Fortress is an impressive masterpiece of the 15th-century military architecture by Giorgio Martini. The fortress is made of stones and bricks,...

Discover the attraction Sassocorvaro - Theatre

Sassocorvaro - Theatre "della Rocca"

The theatre was built inside the Sassocorvaro Fortress in 1475 by Francesc di Giorgio Martini, commissioned by Federico da Montefeltro. Ceased to perform its...

Discover the attraction Lago di Mercatale

Lago di Mercatale

Mercatale Lake, located between the village of Mercatale and at the foot of the hill of the old town of Sassocorvaro, is an artificial lake originated by a dam...

Discover the attraction Auditore


Auditore overlooks  the Foglia valley. It’s on a rocky spur which is pictorially placed on a slope which has a one hundred metre drop. Many...

Discover the attraction Monte Cerignone - The Fortress

Monte Cerignone - The Fortress

Montecerignone was an important place already during the Malatesta period. After the defeat of the Malatesta family in 1464, the fortress was conquered by the...


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