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The glorious past of Pergola is reflected  in the famous Gilded Bronzes of the Julian-Claudian age, which were discovered in 1946 in Cartoceto di Pergola and  are housed at the homonymous Museum  dei Bronzi Dorati di Pergola.  It’s one of the very few equestrian statues in gilded bronze which has survived to the present day. Pergola is also known as the town of the one hundred churches, rich in works of art. They’re a mirror of the important economic, political and religious power of the town during the centuries. The most important churches are: the Medieval Gothic church of San Giacomo and that of San Francesco. The town's other attraction is a heavily perfumed purple wine made with local red grapes and sold as Vernaccia di Pergola.If you have a sweet tooth you might be tempted to try the lip-smacking local liqueur called visner or vino di visciole. This heavenly digestivo is made by macerating crushed sour cherries in red wine with sugar, lemon peel and either cinnamon or cloves. Some also fortify the mix with rum. Another important precious product of Pergola is truffle, to which, in autumn, a National Fair of white truffle is dedicated.  

Parts of the collegiate church of Santa Lucia, in Piazza della Repubblica date back to the Romanesque period. The town also has a remarkable series of six painted panels by Carlo Crivelli. The finest of these, depicting Saint Mary Magdalene, is reckoned to be among the artist's most beautiful figures. You'll find them in the Polo Museale beside the Church of San Francesco.


The Attractions of Pergola

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Discover the attraction Pergola -The Museum of the Gilts Bronzes

Pergola -The Museum of the Gilts Bronzes

The only set of Ancient Roman gilts bronzes kept in the world. The set represents a family group, two women in mantles and veils and two men in high rank...

Discover the attraction Pergola - Palazzolo Chapel

Pergola - Palazzolo Chapel

The Palazzolo Chapel is located in the Oratory of the Ascension. The capel hosts a series of important frescoes recognized by critics as “one of the...

Discover the attraction Parco Museo Minerario delle Miniere di Zolfo delle Marche e dell'Emilia-Romagna

Parco Museo Minerario delle Miniere di Zolfo delle Marche e dell'Emilia-Romagna

Founded in 2005 by the Ministry of Ecological Transition with the Ministry of Culture and the Marche Region, the Park, which also holds the qualification...

Discover the attraction Arcevia – Caudino Castle

Arcevia – Caudino Castle

Mentioned for the first time in 1338, Caudino was one of last castles built by Rocca Contrada. It was an important bastion constructed to defend the...

Discover the attraction Arcevia - Palazzo Castle

Arcevia - Palazzo Castle

Palazzo is one of the area’s most characteristic castles. It sits at 508 metres on the slopes of Mt. Cadino in the upper valley of the Fenella river....

Discover the attraction Arcevia – S. Pietro Castle

Arcevia – S. Pietro Castle

The little castle of San Pietro sits on a hill at 354 metres not far from Loretello. It was mentioned for the first time when some of its inhabitants...


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