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Osimo is situated on the hills between the valleys of Aspio and Musone, 18 km from Ancona. It is an ancient town, surrounded by medieval and Roman walls. The historic centre has churches and noble palaces from the seventeeth/eighteenth-centuries. During the Byzantine time it belonged to the maritime Pentapoli and was a very important centre. It became a free town in 1100 and was dominated by the Malatesta and Sforza.

The street plan of the old town still retains its Roman layout; you can admire the sturdy blocks of  Roman walls above Via Fonte Magna (III-II BC) and the water garden Fonte Magna (I century BC). The Palazzo Comunale, or town hall, in main Piazza del Comune houses a dozen headless statues from Roman times; the statues originally stood in the town's forum and were, according to tradition, decapitated during an early occupation of the place.
The Duomo of S. Leopardo, originally built in the 13th century in romanesque-gothic style, boasts a magnificently atmospheric crypt and an outstanding bronze baptismal font from the early 17th century.
In the heart of the old town stands  the Sanctuary of San Giuseppe da Copertino, built in the 13th century, with connected convent and cloister and now an important centre of pilgrimage. San Giuseppe is known as the patron saint of those undergoing exams. Thanks also to his celebrated capacity for levitation, St Joseph of Copertino is also much invoked in the U.S.A as a protector of pilots.
Must see attractions are also the church of S. Marco with a canvas by Guercino, Palazzo Campana and Palazzo Gallo.
A few kilometres south-east of Osimo in the valley of the Musone river, stands the imposing Sanctuary of Campocavallo, a striking piece of early 20th century architecture in Lombard neo-gothic style. It guards a venerated image of the Virgin behind the main altar; in 1892 it was seen to weep by the faithful, a phenomenon reputedly repeated a number of times since then.



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Discover the attraction Caves of Osimo

Caves of Osimo

Besides  the sacred rituals, the complex maze of underground galleries in the Roman period also served to provide hydraulic pipes for tanks and springs,...

Discover the attraction Osimo - Basilica of S. Giuseppe da Copertino

Osimo - Basilica of S. Giuseppe da Copertino

San Giuseppe da Copertino, known as the “The Saint of flights”, is one of the most interesting personalities of the Christian mysticism. As...

Discover the attraction Osimo - Town walls of opus quadratum and the Fonte Magna

Osimo - Town walls of opus quadratum and the Fonte Magna

Osimo’s town walls are one of the most important evidence of town planning made by the ancient Roman colony of Auximum, founded in the 2nd century A.D....

Discover the attraction Osimo - Cathedral of  S. Leopardo

Osimo - Cathedral of S. Leopardo

The Cathedral of St. Leopardo is the most important religious building in Osimo and stands at the highest point, on the site of an ancient pagan temple.The...

Discover the attraction Osimo - The

Osimo - The "Nuova Fenice" Theatre

The "Nuova Fenice" Theatre was built in the same place as the older theatre and designed by the architect Cosimo Morelli between 1773 and 1787. The theatre...

Discover the attraction Osimo - Piazza Nuova Gardens

Osimo - Piazza Nuova Gardens

The very well maintained public gardens of Osimo city, with its beautiful panoramic balcony from where you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Sibillini Mountains...


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