Via Trento e Trieste, 1 - Monterubbiano (FM)
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The origin of Monterubbiano can be traced back to the 3rd century BC; this delightful hill town has lost most of its fortifications, except from the Cassero (bridge house) and some parts of the walls, but has retained its medieval centre. Must-see attractions are: the fourteenth century town hall; the collegiate Church of Santa Maria dei Letterati , housing works by native Vincenzo Pagani, whom the local theatre is dedicated; the thirteenth-century church of SS. Giovanni Battista and Evangelist , boasting eighteenth century frescoes. Each year the event “ Sciò la Pica” commemorates the ancient colonization by the Piceni tribes, who came to the Marche, led by a woodpecker. The most typical dish is the "tagliatelle fritte (fried noodle pasta), whose recipe is kept strictly secret.


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Discover the attraction Montefiore dell'Aso - Museums of San Francisco

Montefiore dell'Aso - Museums of San Francisco

The construction of the convent of San Francesco, in the west of the city center of Montefiore Aso, dates from the thirteenth century. The history of the...

Discover the attraction Montefiore dell’Aso – Agostini Mills

Montefiore dell’Aso – Agostini Mills

The story of the mill begins with Emidio Agostini’s decision to devote himself to milling after the end of World War II. The country requiring...

Discover the attraction Fermo - Motocross track Monterosato

Fermo - Motocross track Monterosato

The Motocross track Monterosato  is run by the Moto Club Monterosato. The racetrack is located on a hill and is good for racing all around the year, thanks...

Discover the attraction Fermo - Kart Track Dino Ferrari

Fermo - Kart Track Dino Ferrari

The kart Track "Dino Ferrari" is synonymous with fun on the track. The 850m racetrack covers an area of 25,000 square meters. The direction of travel is...

Discover the attraction Fermo - The Girfalco Park

Fermo - The Girfalco Park

The Girfalco park is on top of the Sabulo hill. Its characteristic is to unusually culminate in a large "square". Its great location allows visitors to enjoy...

Discover the attraction Fermo- Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary

Fermo- Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary

The skyline of Fermo is dominated by the profile of the Cathedral, which is right on the top of the hill, surrounded by a garden.  having the most...


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