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Montegiorgio is in the middle of the Tenna valley and it is 47 km2 in area. It’s on a hill which is 411 m. above sea level and which was formerly the place where Picenes and Romans settled, as attested by many and significant archaeological findings. After the fall of the Roman Empire bishops and monasteries served as a source of authority and continuity in cultural and economic matters. In particular, Benedictine monks between 529 and 540 and later in the 9th century the Farfa Order had a particular impact in the architecture of the area, as they gave a new shape to sanctuaries, Roman buildings and created a political, religious and administrative network which was used until the 15th century.

The urban structure of Montegiorgio dates back to the Medieval Age. Benedictine monks gathered the first inhabitants of Montegiorgio around the Church and Convent of Santa Maria Grande, which was later named after Saint Francis.

It was a Guelph feud, then a free Ghibelline municipality and it alternated periods of fight and peace depending on the make and unmake of alliances with nearby Fermo.

In the 13th century a wealthy Jewish colony moved from Florence to Montegiorgio and it brought economic growth, as it enhanced wood, linen and silk trades and craftsmanship, especially in the field of leather and hides.

The centre of Montegiorgio lies on a hill. The town walls surround the whole historic centre and some typical Medieval streets are still preserved. Remains of the castle walls with an entrance gate which is still made of wood, in the San Nicolò contrada, as well as some narrow alleys and the precious traces of the centuries in churches and buildings convey to the little town an atmosphere of cosy elegance.

Following an almost triangular layout of the fortified circuit, the entrance gates are: San Giovanni gate to the north, Sant’Andrea Gate to the south, San Nicolò Gate to the west and Santa Maria Gate to the east.

In Montegiorgio you can find the Domenica Alaleona historic theatre, where theatre performances are organized, and the San Paolo hippodrome. In the place called Parco della Rimembranza you can see the monument to Salvo D'Acquisto by the sculptor Pigini (1993). Among churches worth mentioning are the Baroque church of St. Michele Arcangelo, the church of Ss. Battista and Benedetto with a nice brick façade in classical style and valuable paintings inside; the church of St. Andrea houses the painting “Madonna of humility” by Francescuccio Ghissi (1374).

The historic center, the monuments and the museums of the town are partially accessible. For information please write to Toll-free Number Marche Tourism ( or contact the phone numbers listed below.



Piazza Giacomo Matteotti, 33
Montegiorgio (FM)
0734.952011 0734.952070

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