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The town that goes down a hill on the right of the Tenna keeps atmospheres intact with its narrow roads between stone and brickwork houses. It is situated in front of the Monte Priora and is also a pretty panoramic balcony onto Monti Sibillini. The historic centre was thoughtfully built with its streets and houses tracing semicircles around a common centre, in a medieval structure typical of the architecture of many municipalities in the Umbro-Marchigian Apennines. At the summit of this terraced design stands the church of St Francis, built on the site of the ancient church of St Mary of the Circle. The historic events of Montefortino perfectly represent the history of the growth of the Piceno civilization. In 15 BC, the Roman authorities organized the area according to the Augustan land division system.
Montefortino was constituted a free town in 1084 and battled against the Manfredi di Svevia army (1261), with Sarnano and Amandola. In the Middle Ages, the Fermo diocese controlled Montefortino, giving it plebeian (plebes) status in the feudal system.
The church of S. Agostino is originally from the XIV century. The church of S. Francesco, preserves a canvas by Simone De Magistris, "Madonna del Rosario", and a fourteenth-century wooden group. The Civic Art Gallery and the Fauna Museum of the Sibilline Park are housed in Palazzo Leopardi. The civic art gallery "Fortunato Duranti" has works from the XV-XVIII centuries, among which a painting by Francesco Botticini "Madonna adorante il Bambino" and three panels by Pietro Alemanno, which were part of a politico, now disappeared.

The historic center, the monuments and the museums of the town are partially accessible. For information please write to Toll-free Number Marche Tourism ( or contact the phone numbers listed below.

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Montefortino - Ambro Gorges

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Discover the attraction Montefortino - Campi di Vetice

Montefortino - Campi di Vetice

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Discover the attraction Montefortino - Ditch of Meta I

Montefortino - Ditch of Meta I

The Meta 1 is a pretty varied and dry gorge. In the first part, purely vertical, it is rather narrow and cramped, with overwhelming jumps to slide; then it...

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Amandola - Casalicchio

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Discover the attraction Montefortino - Sanctuary of the Madonna dell'Ambro

Montefortino - Sanctuary of the Madonna dell'Ambro

The monumental Sanctuary is considered the little Lourdes of the Sibillini Mountains. It’s in Montefortino, between the Priora and Castel Manardo...

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Amandola - Abbey of Ss. Vincenzo e Anastasio

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