Monte Grimano Terme

Piazza Matteotti, 1 - Monte Grimano Terme (PU)
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Monte Grimano Terme, formerly called Mons Germanus, is situated on a spur overlooking the Conca valley and, thanks to its 600 m above sea level, it offers pure air, a mild climate and the atmosphere of hill landscapes. The town is a member of the association The most beautiful villages in Italy. As an old medieval castle, it was important in the disputes between the Montefeltro from Urbino, for whom it represented a defensive stronghold, and the Malatesta from Rimini.

Today, it represents a true gateway to the Montefeltro for those coming from Romagna. Immersed in an enchanting natural scenery, the precious healing alkaline, sulphurous and saline-bromic-iodic waters used in the well-equipped hydrotherapy station, flow from the slopes of the near S. Paolo mountain. The proposed natural methods of the thermal station exploit the properties of herbs and mud. The Centre also hosts a modern spa for medical and aesthetic treatments (the spa is temporarily closed). This is an ideal place to regenerate body and spirit, characterized as it is by gardens, woodlands and trails where you can meet squirrels, hares, deer and hawks.

The urban layout of its old town centre has a spiral shape of typical medieval origin. The fifteenth-century Civic Tower is what remains of the Medieval Palace. In the parish church of San Silvestro, built at the end of the eighteenth century and designed by Cosimo Morelli from Imola in neoclassical style, but altered, there is an organ dating back to the 1700-1800, a musical jewel of a little less than 500 barrels, now inventoried as a cultural asset of the Marche Region. Thanks to the fulfillment of the criteria for admission to the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy, Montegrimano Terme came to be part of this exclusive Club that aims at safeguarding, preserving and revitalizing small settlements that, despite their great value, risk to be forgotten.


Monte Grimano Terme

Piazza Matteotti, 1
Monte Grimano Terme (PU)
0541 970125

Belongs to: The 23 Orange Flags

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