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Marotta is a seaside town whose territory is divided into three areas: Fano, Mondolfo and San Costanzo. There are sandy and pebbled beaches, whereas the bottom is evenly sandy.
The beach features a dock that has been carefully recovered and it's become a main tourist attraction. There are modern and well equipped bathing establishments.
It boasts the prestigious Blue Flag, awarded by the Foundation for Environmental Education to environmentally well-kept beaches across Europe. The important "eco-label" is given to sites that meet strict criteria including water quality, environmental management, safety and other services.
Mondolfo belongs to the association of The most beautiful villages in Italy: it boasts the monumental Church of St. Augustine with the cloister, the Romanesque church of San Gervasio and the Sanctuary of the Madonna of the Caves, surrounded by pine trees and added an ecological path-cultural called the "Valley of Tufi." Along the fortified walls of the castle of Mondolfo is the "Garden Martiniano", set in the Bastion of St. Anne, a beautiful Italian garden with wonderful views.

Its special care for the environment and, most of all, its policies aiming at its protection and to sustainability, which showed how careful its community is to environmental issues, made Mondolfo get the Spiga Verde (Green Spike) award.



The Attractions of Mondolfo

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Discover the attraction Sanctuary Madonna of the Caves

Sanctuary Madonna of the Caves

In order to take shelter from the cold winds, that strike the Castle walls, the inhabitants of Mondolfo know that they can go to the valley of Madonna of the...

Discover the attraction Mondolfo- Complex of St. Agostino

Mondolfo- Complex of St. Agostino

Just outside the walls of the castle of Mondolfo appears the Complex of St. Agostino, which consists of a wide convent dating back to the 17th century and the...

Discover the attraction Mondolfo- Abbey of S. Gervasio di Bulgaria

Mondolfo- Abbey of S. Gervasio di Bulgaria

Mondolfo is on a pleasant hill and overlooks the Adriatic Sea. It's in the southern part of the province of Pesaro and Urbino, near the Cesano estuary. In an...

Discover the attraction Concordia Theatre

Concordia Theatre

The actual appearance of the theatre hall is the result of two restorations. The first one, which is also the most radical one, was carried out in 1935 when the...

Discover the attraction Mondolfo - Windsurf Center Marotta

Mondolfo - Windsurf Center Marotta

The Windsurf Center Marotta is located in Marotta (PU) on the promenade Cristoforo Colombo. The Centre was founded in 1999, thanks to a project made by Tommaso...

Discover the attraction Senigallia - Church and convent “Santa Maria delle Grazie”

Senigallia - Church and convent “Santa Maria delle Grazie”

A little out of town (just 2 km) is located the monumental complex of Santa Maria delle Grazie, commissioned by Giovanni della Rovere as a thanksgiving to the...


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