Macerata Feltria

Via Giuseppe Antimi, 14 - Macerata Feltria (PU)
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Macerata Feltria, the Roman Pitinum Pisaurense, is nestled in a green valley on the border among the regions of the Marche, Romagna and Tuscany, in the heart of Montefeltro and it boasts a landscape of great beauty. Its geographical location, a moderate climate, natural and cultural resources and the richness of its thermal springs make it an ideal place for a full recovery of health and a complete relaxation. Not by chance, it belongs to the association of "The Most Beautiful Villages in Italy".

The Village is home to the eighteenth century Palazzo Antimi Clari, the beautiful Theatre "A. Battelli" of 1932 fully restored and operational, the nineteenth-century Parish Church of St. Michael the Archangel in which a precious Crucifix painted on wood by Carlo da Camerino in 1396 is preserved , and the Pitinum Thermae, the thermal First Level Super, where you can practice all types of spa sulfur treatments .

In the basement of the Church of Santa Chiara (thirteenth century) is a Museum of Industrial Archeology, which exposes equipment in perfect working order. 

Along the road leading to the castle you can find the Church of St. Francis, built in the fourteenth century and rebuilt in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, with a Gothic portal and frescoes of the fifteenth century and also the remains of its ancient monastery, which now houses the Museum of Vintage Radio, the second public museum of antique radios in Italy. The Palace of the Podestà (twelfth century) houses the Civic Museum of Archaeology and Palaeontology.

Across the river stands the Castle (eleventh and fourtheenth centuries) with a pyramidal shape, placed on a hill and surrounded by walls, on the top of which stands the Torre Civica where palaeontological specimens are displayed. Near the southern entrance of the Castle is located the Arch of the Pelasgians, the mythical "Sea Peoples" of the pre-Hellenic Greece, founders of the town .

Along the road to Carpegna stands the Romanesque church of San Cassiano in Pitino near which you can see the excavations which have brought to light the remains of the Pitinum Pisaurense and in particular of an ancient Roman road. 

Among the most significant events in Macerata Feltria "Preziosi d'Epoca" (exhibition of old jewels and young stylists’ creations) in August and the Christmas event "Il Paese delle Meraviglie" ( Land of wonders).





Macerata Feltria

Via Giuseppe Antimi, 14
Macerata Feltria (PU)
0722.74244 (Comune); 0722.728208 (IAT) 0722.74709

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