Urbania - The “St. Martin” house in the wood of elves


The pure and wild environment of Montefeltro, far from all human activity, characterizes the space around “St. Martin” hostel, inside the green “wood of elves”. Newlyweds who wish to enjoy ancient farming traditions, and the simple and natural lifestyle offered by untouched places where nature reigns, can celebrate their wedding here, under the supervision of precious little elves guarding the Mount Montiego faunal area. It is here, in an enchanted place filled with magic, that civil weddings can be celebrated.


Urbania - The “St. Martin” house in the wood of elves

Piazza Martiri della Libertà, 1
Urbania (PU)
0722 313141 - 313131

Recommended for: Wedding

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"Ca' Mocetto" Balcony - Urbania

From the "Ca' Mocetto" Balcony near Urbania, you can see the landscape painted in the famous "Portrait of Federico da Montefeltro" by Piero della Francesca...

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Urbania - Ducal Palace

In Urbania, there was a fortified complex (fortress-residence) built by the Brancaleone family and located along the Metano River. After throwing away the...

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Biblioteca Ubaldini

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Monastero di S. Chiara

The Monastery of St. Clare is situated on a hill, not far from the center of Urbania. It is preferably reachable on foot, as the access road is quite narrow. It...

Discover the attraction Urbania - GSSP of Mount Cagnero

Urbania - GSSP of Mount Cagnero

The GSSP is a site of world geological interest (geosity), as it represents the reference standard for the definition of the chronostratigraphic limit between...

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Pieve del Colle Balcony

"From the Balcony in Pieve del Colle, you can admire the amazing backdrop of the Triumphant Chariots of the Diptych of the Dukes of Urbino. Federico and...


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