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GROTTAMMARE is a seaside resort of the Palm Tree Riviera, boasting a remarkable cultural and historical heritage and 5km of fine sandy beaches. It has been awarded the Blue Flag by the FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education in Europe), three “ Vele Blu “ by Legambiente and is included in the list of “The most beautiful villages in Italy”.
Its pretty traffic-free promenade is backed by some splendid examples of seaside Liberty architecture - grand villas that date back to the turn of the last century. Along with the many palm trees that line the seafront, bright flower beds and well-kept lawns give the place great charm.
The so called Pineta dei Bersaglieri is an area where children can play and have fun. If you wish to relax, you can enjoy sitting on a bench  in Piazza Kursaal, covering an area of about 5000 square meters, paved with travertine stone and decorated with a ground-level fountain, pine and palm trees.
The Medieval historic borgo up above the main resort has fine old buildings and great views out to sea. The most remarkable monuments are: the Church of Sant’Agostino and the attractive Church of Santa Lucia, built in 1597 in memory of the town's most famous son, Pope Sixtus V. In Piazza Peretti stand Teatro dell'Arancio and the Church of San Giovanni Battista, home to the Sistine Museum. Since 2004 the 16th century Tower of the Battle has been converted into a museum, housing an impressive collection of sculptures by Pericles Fazzini, who made the well- known “Resurrection” in Vaticano’s Sala Nervi.

The renovated museum dedicated to Giacomo Pomili houses the artist’s earliest works and further paintings depicting legends , female characters , landscapes, etc. In summer you can stroll along Corso Mazzini, full of street markets, listen to music in Piazza Fazzini or enjoy the big Cabaret at Parco delle Rimembranze. For those who love romantic atmosphere, you can listen to classical music and learn about poetry in the old medieval village. Cinema, art and theater are other forms of entertainment for all seasons.

The most remarkable events taking place in Grottammare are : Cabaret amoremio! - International Humor Festival (August), Liszt Festival (July / August), Juttenizie - gastronomic walk (August / September) and the Living Nativity (December 26 / January 1 and 6). 

Grottammare has also been awarded the Spiga Verde of the FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education in Europe), thanks to the policies adopted for environmental sustainability and for involving citizens in the protection of the environment.



The Attractions of Grottammare

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Discover the attraction St. Pius V’s Church

St. Pius V’s Church

The Church represents the centre of the urban widening of Grottammare designed by the architect Pietro Augustoni, in 1779, who designed at the same time the...

Discover the attraction MIC - Museo dell'Illustrazione Comica

MIC - Museo dell'Illustrazione Comica

Arranged inside the Kursaal room, this Museum of Comic Illustration had been one of the most popular rendezvous of the 60s in the Adriatic Riviera. A...

Discover the attraction Sala Kursaal

Sala Kursaal

Year of building: 1952Restored: 1999Localion:Town centreType of structure:Property: PublicManagement: In agreementEntrance for disabled peopleReserved seats far...

Discover the attraction Grottammare - Tridacne sub

Grottammare - Tridacne sub

The Tridacne Association was founded in Grottammare in 2000 in order to make discover the beauty of the Adriatic Sea and the Mediterranean, as well as the...

Discover the attraction Grottammare and its medieval village

Grottammare and its medieval village

Grottammare is a small resort on the southern Marche "Riviera delle Palme”; it boasts 5km of fine sandy beach. Along with the many palm trees that line...

Discover the attraction Grottammare - St. John The Baptist’s Church

Grottammare - St. John The Baptist’s Church

Following the strict architectonical rules, also supporters of the Counter-Reformation, reaffirmed in 1750, during the years of Benedetto XIV’s Papacy,...


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