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Some human settlements were possibly already present in these lands during the Bronze Age, or at the end of the Neolithic. As an evidence of this, some sporadic discoveries of debris, charcoal or arrowheads in various locations. However, the first documented human presence of some interest is the Roman military post of Dubios, in the "Friar Valley" on the border between the territories of Fiuminata and Nocera Umbra. 

The natural environment is a spectacular resource for Fiuminata: here are several areas of natural and scenic value such as the Mount Gemmo, the Mount Pennino, the flower-filled meadows in località Le Spianate and Mount Merennino, the mineral springs and the river Potenza that has its source here. Numerous are the cultural and historical paths leading to the many abbeys of the territory. Fiuminata is a favourite destination for those who love hiking, hang- gliding and rock climbing. 

The historic center, the monuments and the museums of the town are partially accessible. For information please write to Toll-free Number Marche Tourism ( or contact the phone numbers listed below.


The Attractions of Fiuminata

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Discover the attraction Parco Avventura - Country Park

Parco Avventura - Country Park

In Località Quadrareggiana is the Country Park with accommodation for horses and a riding school. An " apache horse riding club" is also availble. The...

Discover the attraction Fiuminata - Hermitage of Madonna di Valcora

Fiuminata - Hermitage of Madonna di Valcora

In Medieval times, above the hamlet Valcora, there was a village called Sarracchiano, where a little church dedicated to the Crucifix could be found. During the...

Discover the attraction Fiuminata - Prati di Monte Vermenone

Fiuminata - Prati di Monte Vermenone

Mount Vermenone, in the Appennine mountains, is not far from the border between Marche and Umbria regions. Its top, 1363 meters above sea level, offers a wide...

Discover the attraction Sefro - Altopiano di Montelago

Sefro - Altopiano di Montelago

Max Gazzè in concert on Wednesday August 2 2017 in Altopiano di Montelago, Sefro Municipality. Sefro, in the Macerata province hinterland, is set in the...

Discover the attraction Fabriano - Abbey of S. Biagio in Caprile

Fabriano - Abbey of S. Biagio in Caprile

The abbey of San Biagio in Caprile was founded in Fabriano around 1030 by the Counts of Nocera and Gualdo who at that time ruled together the valley of...

Discover the attraction Esanatoglia - Town Hall

Esanatoglia - Town Hall

The Town Hall was built in the fourteenth century. as a fortified residence of the da Varano, powerful family of the Duchy of Spoleto who was head of Camerino...


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