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Fiastra is a little town in the province of Macerata; the municipal office is in Trebbio. Nearby is an artificial lake, full of accommodation facilities along its banks. The name derives from a probable Piceno settlement near the Fiastrone stream. The municipal area comprises the former municipality of Acquacanina, that has become one of its hamlets. One of Fiastra's most remarkable attractions is the Romanesque church of San Paolo, which houses a fine sixteenth-century polychrome wooden group and an important seventeenth century painting by Baciccia. Valuable thirteenth-century frescoes still adorn the right aisle of the church of San Lorenzo al lago, while the parish church of San Marco di Colpolina boasts a five-aisled crypt and a Romanesque portal. Worth visiting is also the sanctuary, once dedicated to St. John the Baptist, where the Blessed Ugolino was buried in 1373. Acquacanina is a mountaneous hamlet, situated at 734 m. above sea level. The story of Acquacanina is connected with the Abbey of San Salvatore in Rio Sacro, founded by the Benedictine monks in the sixth century. In the sixteenth century the monks abandoned the Valle del Rio and moved to the Church of Santa Maria de Merigu, founded around the year 1000. The Parish Church of Rio Sacro, founded by the Benedictines in 1000 and recently restored, has fine works of art including a wooden group of the Madonna and Child of Rio Sacro (XVI century), a small canvas (Our Lady of the Suffrage) by Carlo Maratta, a sixteenth century panel and a fresco (Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian) attributed to Girolamo di Giovanni. Further tourist atttactions are: the ruins of a castle, built by the Da Varano family in the fourteenth century with its contemporary church of Santa Margherita; the Church of Our Lady of the Valley, which houses monumental Baroque altars and a painting of the Deposition of the Roman school of Caravaggio. The area is ideal for hiking throughout the year and for the practice of cross-country skiing in winter time: there are actually five rings of cross-country trails.

The historic center, the monuments and the museums of the town are partially accessible. For information please write to Toll-free Number Marche Tourism ( or contact the phone numbers listed below.



The Attractions of Fiastra

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Discover the attraction Fiastra - Piani di Ragnolo

Fiastra - Piani di Ragnolo

Piani di Ragnolo (Ragnolo Plains), one of the most beautiful areas in the Sibillini mountains, are shared by the Fiastra and Sarnano municipalities. They are a...

Discover the attraction Lago di Fiastra

Lago di Fiastra

This lake is the largest hydroelectric reservoir of  The Marches. It lies in a valley surrounded by beautiful hills at the foothills of the Sibillini...

Discover the attraction Fiastra - Visitor Center and Wildlife Area of the Chamois of the Apennines

Fiastra - Visitor Center and Wildlife Area of the Chamois of the Apennines

The Visitor Center on Chamois in Fiastra houses Casa del Parco houses Casa del Parco and manages Bolognola wildlife area, created within the...

Discover the attraction Centro Avventura nel Parco

Centro Avventura nel Parco

Surrounded by the magnificient natural environment of the National Park of the Sibillini Mountains and close to the river Fiastrone that flows into Lake Fiastra...

Discover the attraction Fiastra - Lame Rosse

Fiastra - Lame Rosse

The weather-eroded pinnacles known as the Lame Rosse are one of the most striking geological features in the region. They lie above Lake...

Discover the attraction Fiastra (hamlet Acquacanina) - Abbey of San Salvatore di Rio Sacro

Fiastra (hamlet Acquacanina) - Abbey of San Salvatore di Rio Sacro

The abbey of S. Maria in Rio Sacro is in the hamlet Acquacanina, not far from the Fiastra lake. Originally the abbey was called San Salvatore di Rio Sacro...


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