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Fano is a popular seaside resort in northern Marche, famous for its Carnival, that is claimed to be some of the oldest in Italy and featuring a cavalcade of massive floats that runs on three consecutive Sundays before Lent. 

The promenade is divided into Lido and Sassonia; the former beach is sandy, the latter is a long strand of pebbly beach, both with shallow water. Lido and Sassonia are suitable beaches for children, thanks to seaside amusements. The southern part features Torrette beach, Ponte Sasso and Metaurilia. Many campings are available along the National route between Fano and Marotta di Mondolfo. Along the promenade there is also the 12 Km biking path, from Fano to Pesaro. Fano boasts an important fishing port; sailing lovers may rely on the efficient Marina dei Cesari , a modern marina perfect for mooring.
In the historical centre the most remarkable monument is the Arco di Augusto, a splendid Roman triumphal arch providing a fitting gateway to the town. It was erected in 2 AD under the order of the Roman Emperor Augustus as part of his ambitious project to smarten up the Empire's road network and marks the arrival of the Via Flaminia on the shores of the Adriatic Sea. Further tourist attractions are:  the Fountain of Fortune, a whimsical 16thC fountain topped by the goddess Fortune, the Theatre of Fortune, the Malatesta Court, home to the Civic Museum and Art Gallery, boasting works by Domenichino, Guido Reni, Guercino, Warriors and Mattia Preti; the Cathedral, housing a pulpit and the seventeenth century Nolfi Baroque Chapel; the Church of Santa Maria Nuova, holding two treasures by Perugino, a Madonna with Saints and an Annunciation; the baroque Church of San Pietro in Valle and the Tombs of the Malatesta, a real masterpiece of Neo-Gothic art, housed in the porch of the Church of San Francesco. The most typical specialty is the fish stew “alla fanese”, with tomato purée and vinegar. The local Moretta is a blend of three spirits - aniseed-based anice, rum and brandy - sugar and a twist of lemon peel, topped up with strong, hot coffee. In addition to the Carnival, the most significant events taking place in Fano during the year are: The Antiques Market, which traditionally takes place on the second Sunday of each month and the preceding Saturday, Fano Jazz by the sea (July), Fano dei Cesari, a reenactment of the Roman Fano (July) and the International Festival of Fish Soup (September).




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Discover the attraction Fano: the Federiciana Library

Fano: the Federiciana Library

In 1681 Abbot Federici joined the Congregation of the Philippines in the Oratory of St. Pietro in Valle. He brought his “libraria”, a valuable...

Discover the attraction Fano - Church of San Pietro in Valle

Fano - Church of San Pietro in Valle

Started in 1610 by Giovanni Battista Cavagna of Naples and inaugurated in 1616, the Church of San Pietro in Valle is today one of the finest baroque buildings...

Discover the attraction Fano: bike trail between  Fano and Pesaro

Fano: bike trail between Fano and Pesaro

The bike trail between Fano and Pesaro starts out from the Lido beach and stretches for about 13 km until it reaches Pesaro. The beginning of the bike trail is...

Discover the attraction Civic Museum

Civic Museum

On the ramp leading to the stairway is the mezzanine housing an interesting collection of 19th and 20th century paintings.In the centre of the room on...

Discover the attraction The theatre of Fortune

The theatre of Fortune

The original Teatro della Fortuna in Fano was built in 1665 by the great theatre and set designer Giacomo Torelli though it was rebuilt in...

Discover the attraction Fano - Church of S. Antonio Abate

Fano - Church of S. Antonio Abate

Located outside the city walls, it looks like a background for the so-called trebbio (i.e. crossroads), where via Bovio e via Cavour converge in Piazza Costanzi...


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