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Fano is a seaside resort in northern Marche, boasting one of Italy’s most ancient Carnival.
The history of Fano dates back to 2,000 years : it was the largest roman settlement on the Adriatic Sea. It was both an important port and crossroad where the Via Flaminia from Rome met the main coastal route. The Arco di Augusto, a splendid Roman triumphal arch, built in 2 AD under the order of the Emperor Augusto, provides a fitting gateway to the town and is part of Augusto's ambitious project to smarten up the Empire's road network, marking the arrival of the Via Flaminia on the shores of the Adriatic Sea. The railway splits the old town from the modern resort that has grown up along two stretches of fine beach. To the southeast runs the Spiaggia Sassonia, a long strand of pebbled beach with a wide promenade. To the northwest runs the shorter Spiaggia Lido. Between the two beaches lies the fishing port. There’s also a well equipped marina, able to accommodate a large number of berths. “Brodetto alla fanese” is the most typical dish, based on local fish and fresh seafood; you can’t miss the local “Moretta”, a strong drink made with coffee, rum, anise and brandy.


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Discover the attraction Fano - Nautical Club Viviani

Fano - Nautical Club Viviani

The Club Nautico Fanese G.Vivani A.s.d. is located on the western beach of Fano (Lido Beach). It was founded at the beginning of the 21th century; since...

Discover the attraction Marina dei Cesari - Fano

Marina dei Cesari - Fano

"Marina dei Cesari" has a total capacity of 450 boats and is located within the port of Fano, just north of the new dock. It's a just a short walk from the...

Discover the attraction Fano - The Malatestiana Fortress

Fano - The Malatestiana Fortress

The Malatestiana Fortress is situated at the northern corner of Fano's Roman wall, which presumably embeds a tower. The structure was already in use in the...

Discover the attraction Circolo Windsurfing Fano

Circolo Windsurfing Fano

Along the coast different sports can be practiced: windsurf, water skiing, sailing, scuba diving, kitesurfing, swimming and beach volley. The sea, with its rich...

Discover the attraction Mediateca Montanari - MeMo

Mediateca Montanari - MeMo

Mediateca Montanari stands on a very important site of Roman Fano. It is a wide area surrounded by “Portici” having colums made of brick, where the...

Discover the attraction Fano: The Montanari audiovisual library

Fano: The Montanari audiovisual library

The Montanari audiovisual Library is housed in a building which was designed by Giuseppe Balducci. He recycled the materials coming from the demolished convent...


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