Fabriano, City of the Paper

Piazza del Comune, 1 - Fabriano (AN)
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Fabriano is famous worldwide for the production of paper and watermark; this invention was introduced by papermakers from Fabriano in the second half of the thirteenth century.
The town is one of the UNESCO's Creative Cities; in 2013 it was included in the category Crafts and folk arts, beacuse of the production of handmade paper.
So proud is the town of its traditional industry that it has dedicated an interesting modern museum to it - you'll find the Museo della Carta (Paper and watermark museum) in the former monastery of San Domenico. The Paper and Watermark Museum traces the town's fascinating history of this important craft, with centuries-old machinery and well-preserved manuscripts illustrating its prominence over the ages. The most remarkable churches are: the Cathedral of San Venanzio, built in 1600 boasting frescoes by Allegretto Nuzi in 1360; the church of San Domenico; the Church of San Filippo , the church of St Biagio and the church St Romualdo, whose crypt houses the marble sarcophagus with the relics of St. Romuald, founder of the Camaldolese order; the late-thirteenth-century Church of St. Agostino, full of valuable frescoes; the church of St. Nicola, the church of St. Benedetto, housing works by Simone de Magistris, Orazio Gentileschi and Pasqualino Rossi. You can't miss: the Oratory of the Banner, with a ceiling carved and decorated in pure gold at the beginning of the seventeenth century by French sculptor Leonardo Scaglia ; the Oratory of the Charity, frescoed by Mannerist painter Filippo Bellini from Urbino. In the locality of Poggio San Romualdo is the abbey of San Salvatore in Val di Castro, dating back to the year 1000; in nearby Campodonico is the hermitage of San Biagio in Caprile. In the central and picturesque Piazza del Comune stands the Palazzo del Podestà, a typical example of medieval architecture, built in the middle of the thirteenth century, with swallow-tail battlements; further tourist attactions are: the Fountain of Sturinalto, a smaller version of Perugia's famous fountain, built at the close of the 13thC, the Town hall, the Loggiato San Francesco, the former hospital of Santa Maria del Buon Gesù, a fine example of late Gothic architecture housing the art gallery Bruno Molajoli and boasting precious paintings on wood and frescoes by Allegretto Nuzi, Maestro di Staffolo, Antonio da Fabriano, Ottaviano Nelli, Orazio Gentileschi and Andrea Boscoli; the nineteenth-century Teatro Gentile, with a precious curtain by Luigi Serra. The theatre is dedicated to Gentile da Fabriano, Italy's greatest master of the late International Gothic style of painting, born in Fabriano in 1375. 

The typical product of Fabriano is the "salame of Fabriano", that is a sort of salami with pieces of lard. The top quality white wine made in the area is Verdicchio di Matelica DOC wine.
The most important event taking place in Fabriano is the Palio di San Giovanni Battista (June). During this event there are games and historical parades. In late May Fabriano hosts Poiesis , a festival including poetry, art, music and  theatre.


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Discover the attraction Fabriano: The Sassi Multimedia Library

Fabriano: The Sassi Multimedia Library

The seat of the Sassi multimedia Library is the Complex of St. Francesco which is right at the centre of the main square in Fabriano. It’s undergone...

Discover the attraction Fabriano - The

Fabriano - The "Gentile da Fabriano" Theatre

From an acoustic point of view, the Gentile da Fabriano Theatre (1884) is one of the most important of the Marche. The interior and the curtain of the theatre...

Discover the attraction Fabriano - Civic Art Gallery

Fabriano - Civic Art Gallery "Bruno Molajoli"

This gallery is dedicated to the important art historian Bruno Molajoli (died 1986), born in Fabriano. It preserves one of the most important collections of...

Discover the attraction Fabriano - Cathedral of San Venancio

Fabriano - Cathedral of San Venancio

The Cathedral of St. Venancio is one of the most important and prestigious churches of the Marche, both for its fine architectural structures and for...

Discover the attraction Fabriano - Church of  S. Maria del Buon Gesù

Fabriano - Church of S. Maria del Buon Gesù

It is no doubt the busiest Church in Fabriano. Many people every day come and ask Our Lady of Good Jesus, patroness of the city, for protection. The Church is...

Discover the attraction International Watercolor Museum

International Watercolor Museum

On April 20th, 2017, Fabriano inaugurated the startup of the Contemporary International Watercolor Museum, the first in the world.A project...


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