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Cossignano is a small municipality with about 1,000 inhabitants and it’s in the hilly area of the ridge between the springs of the river Tesino and the stream Menocchia.

The historic centre, whose plan is approximately ovoid- shaped and measures 180×90 metres, is completely surrounded by the town walls. Their oldest parts date back to the end of the 13th century. In the town centre you can see the Town Hall, inside of which there's a large painting representing St. George descended from his horse between St. Anthony the Abbot and St. Anthony of Padua.

Among religious buildings worth visiting is the church of Santa Maria Assunta which is the Civic Museum of Sacred Art. Beside some works by the Crivelli painting school and a valuable altar-piece by Vincenzo Pagani, it preserves several 17th century paintings; in a shrine there is also a reliquary where remains of many saints and a very old cross, probably medieval, but which some people say comes from Jesus’ Cross, are protected. These two relics were given as a gift by Pope Nicholas IV.

A typical feature of Cossignano are the “calanchi”, i.e. deep cracks caused by the erosive action of waters in the soil.

In the Civic archaeological museum "Niccola Pansoni" you can see the finds brought to light during the excavation works carried out in the Fiorano district.

Good DOC and DOCG wines as well as top-quality olive oils are locally produced.

The most important events recurring in Cossignano are the St. George patron saint’s festival ( in April), Ascoli’s fried fish festival (in July and August) and the Middle Ages Festival (in July and August).

The historic centre, monuments and museums of Cossignano are partially accessible. For further information please write to: or contact the phone numbers listed underneath.



Piazza Umberto I, 1
Cossignano (AP)
0735.98130 0735.98130


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Offida - Museums of Palazzo De Castellotti

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Offida - Church of St. Maria della Rocca

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Ripatransone - Municipal Picture-gallery - Bonomi Gera Palace

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Ripatransone - RIPAdventure

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