Piazza IV Novembre, 2 - Comunanza (AP)
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The sizeable crossroads community of Comunanza, on the River Aso, was inhabited by the Romans, who built elaborate baths. Later, however, refugees from Ascoli, fleeing the barbarian invasions, arrived in the 5th century and called the place “Comunali di Ascoli” ; hence the present name. In the town centre, at the Church of Santa Caterina, is the local branch of the Sistine Museums of the Picene Area, the Museum of Arte Sacra with religious articles, it is located in the rooms of Palazzo Pascali and holds goldsmith works including a reliquary in the shape of a small temple and a processional cross from the 1700’s with a Christ from the XIV century attributed to the goldsmith Pietro Vannini from Ascoli Piceno. Among the pictorial works, there is a "Madonna della Cintola" (XVII century) and the San Liborio by Giuseppe Ghezzi (1634-1721), an artist from Comunanza but active in Rome, where he was prince of the Roman academy of San Luca and friend of Queen Cristina of Sweden.
On December 26, it is held a live nativity scene involving the population, which transforms the historical village in the typical scenery of the Palestine 2000 years ago. In the historical centre takes place the "Mazzumaja", a traditional festival that puts the focus on a typical local dish such as the “ tordo matto”; on this occasion re-open the taverns of the past , craft workshops and different street performers that enliven the old village for three days a year.

The historic center, the monuments and the museums of the town are partially accessible. For information please write to Toll-free Number Marche Tourism ( or contact the phone numbers listed below.


Piazza IV Novembre, 2
Comunanza (AP)
0736.844253 0736.843835

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