Civitanova Alta


Civitanova Alta is an ancient village built on a hill surrounded by the walls of a medieval castle. Here lies the historic theater Annibal Caro  that hosts , along with the other two theaters of Civitanova Rossini and Cecchetti, an important theater season. It is named after the most famous local character, whose birthplace is also located in the village. Another highlight of the city is Civitanova Danza, an international event, that reminds another prestigious fellow citizen, Enrico Cecchetti, primo ballerino at the court of Russia in the nineteenth century. The Pinacoteca Comunale Moretti (with a permanent exhibition of paintings by Carrà, Morandi, De Chirico, Guttridge and Ligabue) and the former Church of St. Augustine are two other cultural sites of the city where, for some years, summer exhibitions are held. Also interesting are the Tramway Station (1900) in Art Nouveau style, rich in polychrome ceramics, the Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions, with many artifacts of the peasant culture of the Marche, and the Historical Museum of Trot, unique in its kind, out of the town.


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