San Severino Marche - The fortified village of Elcito

The fortified village of Elcito is perched on a rocky spur at 821 meters above sea level, on the slopes of Mount San Vicino. There are few remains of the medieval settlement, some walls and, on the north side, one of the gateways to the original part, built with dogwood. There is no trace of the former tower. It was erected in order to protect the Benedictine abbey of St. Maria in Valfucina (IX century) and used as a residence for the Abbot; in 1298 it was sold to the Municipality of San Severino Marche; today it is one of San Severino Marche's most charming and picturesque places. About two kilometers far from Elcito is the plateau of Canfaito with its centuries-old beech forests.

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