Arcevia – Avacelli Castle

Avacelli Castle, attested since 1248, was built on a hilltop by Rocca Contrada on the border with the territory under the control of Serra San Quirico. The entrance gate with a ravelin and part of the stone wall, without any sign of a slope, is what remains of the old defensive building. The castle’s church, San Lorenzo, dates to the late XV century and houses a spectacular terracotta altar graced with a painting of the Madonna of Mercy (XVI century) attributed to an artist from the Marche who was influenced both by Agabiti and Friar Mattia. At the foot of the hill, in a valley nestled in the woods, is the Church of Sant’Ansovino, a unique local example of Romanesque architecture with a gabled façade, semicircular apse and blind arches on the right wall. Aside from the terracotta cross imbedded in the façade, the church features re-used ancient capitals which probably date to the high Middle Ages, frescoes and sinopia drawings on the inside.

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