San Severino Marche - The fortified village of Aliforni

The fortified village of Aliforni is situated in locality Aliforni, in the municipality of San Severino Marche. It was built in the XIIIth  century and can be visited from the outside. William, bishop of Camerino, sold it to San Severino Marche Town Council in 1257. The remains of the old village are: part of the walls, that were about 240 meters long; some medieval buildings, with clear signs in the low doors, in some sandstone or terracotta archway and steps carved into the rock; the main tower, still showing the corbels supporting the crenellated platform. Nearby is the XIV century Church of S. Maria Annunziata, enlarged in the XIX century by Ireneo Aleandri; it boasts an Annunciation by Filippo Bigioli and a fresco attributed to Lorenzo Salimbeni.

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