Fabriano: fortified village of Castelletta


The fortified village of Castelletta is 21 km far from Fabriano and it’s 606 metres a.s.l.

Crowned by Mount Rovellone, it still preserves the ancient medieval layout. Along the picturesque and typical alleys you can see terraced houses consisting of two rooms: the entrance and the chimney on the ground floor and with windows on the first floor. You can also see some fortified and defensive structures, such as the watchtower with round plan and the nearby palace of the Counts Rovellone. The south- western gate- tower with round arch and loopholes is also well preserved.

Despite the first document dates back to 1292, most probably it was built in Roman times, as the name of the church Santa Maria upon Minerva suggests ( she was the Roman goddess of war and wisdom) and also a fragment of a sepulchral trabeation which was found nearby and which dates back between the end of the Republic and the first Augustan Age. In the parish church you can find a 13th century processional cross and a fragment of a fresco by Antonio da Fabriano representing Saint Sylvester. In fact, near Castelletta, in Grottafucile, Saint Sylvester from Osimo, founder of the religious order known as the Sylvestrines, a branch of the Benedictines, retired to hermit’s life and he was followed by other local young people.

In the late Middle Ages it was at the farthest end of the Duchy of Spoleto and then of the Duchy of Camerino.

The castle belonged to the Lords Rovellone and passed on to the municipality of Fabriano in 1305. Therefore it had a greater importance both as a strategic centre and as an outpost of the municipality of Fabriano.

At the entrance of the village, in the church Santa Maria del Piano, there are frescoes by the 15th century Fabriano school of artists.

The area is within the wonderful Natural Park Gorge of Frasassi which is much appreciated by hikers and it also features rock climbing walls at the top of Mount Revellone.

In the second half of September the Madonna of Hope is celebrated with traditional games, religious procession and food and wine festival.


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