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Located on a ridge between the Chienti and Potenza river valleys, Camerino boasts a well preserved medieval historic centre, that has little changed over the last few centuries. Most part of Camerino was built during the enlightened rule of the Da Varano family between the 14th and 16th centuries when its court drew artists and scholars from across Italy. In central Piazza Cavour, dominated by the statue of Pope Sisto V, stand several important buildings: the Cathedral, boaasting a 15th century wooden Merciful Madonna, popularly called “the nice Madonna”, and in the crypt a 14th century Gothic sarcophagus of St. Ansovino, an old bishop of Camerino; the Archbishop's Palace houses a Diocesan Museum; the Ducal Palace, which is home to the well- known University, the Brides Room with 15th century frescoes and the Valentiniana Library with a remarkable collection of books. At the bottom of the Ducal Palace is the Botanic Garden with a 19th century plan. The grand architectural complex of San Domenico, dating back to the 13th century, now houses a wide collection of paintings and sculptures, including works by the Camerino painting School, the archaeological museum and the museum of natural science.
Further tourist attractions are: the 19th century horseshoe plan Filippo Marchetti Theatre; the Baroque church of San Filippo with a remarkable painting by Tiepolo, the Church of Santa Maria in Via and the Borgia Fortress, which was ordered by Cesare Borgia, the ill-famed duke of Valentino celebrated by Macchiavelli. Not far from the town centre is the Basilica of St. Venanzio, rebuilt in neoclassical style. About 3 km far from the town centre, in the hamlet Renecavata, stands the Convent of the Capuchins, mother house of the Order , dating back to 1528. In the church there’s a wonderful glazed majolica attributed to Mattia della Robbia.

The most typical Camerino’s specialties are: the ciauscolo, a kind of spreadable salami, the nougat and the walnut bread.

The most important events taking place in Camerino during the year are: the Sword Race (May), Camerino Festival and the International Festival of Chamber Music and Theatre (August).  


The Attractions of Camerino

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Discover the attraction Camerino- Monastery of Santa Chiara

Camerino- Monastery of Santa Chiara

The Monastery of Santa Chiara is one the oldest religious sites of Camerino: it dates back to the second half of the 14th century. It was built under the...

Discover the attraction Camerino - St. Camilla Battista da Varano

Camerino - St. Camilla Battista da Varano

THE LIFE: Daughter of Prince Giulio Cesare Da Varano, Lord of Camerino, and of the noblewoman Cecchina ...

Discover the attraction Temple of the Annunciation

Temple of the Annunciation

Another example of religious architecture established by Giulio Cesare Varano is the Temple of the Annunciation, built between 1493 and 1508 on...

Discover the attraction Camerino - Art Gallery and Civic Museum

Camerino - Art Gallery and Civic Museum

The Art Gallery and Civic Museum has work by local painters from the XIV-XVI centuries, resulting from the confiscation of religious goods. The picture gallery...

Discover the attraction Camerino – Orto botanico di Camerino (Botanic Garden of Camerino)

Camerino – Orto botanico di Camerino (Botanic Garden of Camerino)

The “Carmela Cortini”Botanic Garden of the University of Camerino was created in 1828 by professor Vincenzo Ottaviani, a teacher of Botany at the...

Discover the attraction Camerino- The Valentiniana Library

Camerino- The Valentiniana Library

The Valentiniana Library  was founded in Camerino in 1802 due to the bequest of a nobleman from Camerino, Sebastiano Valentini, who was also a poet and a...


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