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Land of art and castles, Caldarola attracts visitors with its fairy-tale atmosphere, its ancient castle with Guelph battlements, with its sophisticated urban layout that makes it a real jewel of architecture and urban planning sixteenth century, with its important Roman and Medieval remains filling of history the fascinating natural scenery of the surrounding area. Caldarola probably owes its name to the Latin term Calidarium, indicating the room with the hot tub of the Spa in the area. The residential area, which had its greatest development in the middle '500 by the noble Pallotta family, still maintains the urban structure ordered by Cardinal Evangelista Pallotta in the sixteenth century and is dominated by a castle.
Pallotta Castle is Caldarola's most remarkable tourist attraction. It houses a museum boasting a collection of weapons (from the thirteenth to the seventeenth century.) and coaches (XIX - XX centuries.); all rooms are furnished with valuable furniture. You enter the castle, situated on the slopes of Mount Colcù, through Gate Camerte. Heading south, you enter the park through the drawbridge: here is a gigantic pine which is among the oldest in the region and planted in 1598 to commemorate the visit of Pope Clement VIII. Some rooms are decorated by members of the Magistris family. The ancient castle still preserves the walls, the battlements and the drawbridge. All rooms deserve a visit: the old kitchen, with the typical envelope of copper and ceramic utensils and crockery, the reception room, the elegant bedroom for guests, the dining room with the beautiful and rare eighteenth-century ceramics and the delicious yellow lounge featuring a frieze attributed to Simone De Magistris, great Mannerist painter from Caldarola.
Today's town hall, which was once a cardinal's residence, hosts the beautiful Stanza del Paradiso (Paradise room), frescoed by Simone de Magistris. In the surroundings of the town are substantial remains of the ancient castles of Vestignano, Croce and Pievefavera, belonged to the monks of Casauria; in particular, the Croce castle and the thirteenth-century church of S. Martino, adjoining Vestignano's fortress, boast beautiful frescoes by Nobile da Lucca and Andrea and Simone de Magistris.


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Discover the attraction Caldarola,  Sanctuary of Santa Maria del Monte

Caldarola, Sanctuary of Santa Maria del Monte

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Belforte del Chienti - St. Eustace Church

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Lago di Caccamo

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Discover the attraction Caldarola - Civic Museum of the Resistance

Caldarola - Civic Museum of the Resistance

This museum houses paintings and sculptures on the Resistance by Mastroianni, Guttuso, Sassu, Treccani, Cascella, and others. Another section shows photographs,...

Discover the attraction Caldarola - Town Theatre

Caldarola - Town Theatre

The theatre in Caldarola, housed in a 16th century building donated to the town by Cardinal Evangelista Pallotta as a residence for the mayor, was first...

Discover the attraction Caldarola - Palazzo Pallotta, Stanza del Paradiso (Paradise Room)

Caldarola - Palazzo Pallotta, Stanza del Paradiso (Paradise Room)

Pallotta Palace, now the Town Hall, was built by Cardinal Evangelista Pallotta towards the end of '500. Thanks to it, the city of Caldarola took on that...


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