Corso Giuseppe Mazzini, 67 - Arcevia (AN)
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Arcevia is a noble town which rises on a ridge in the Apennine foothills of the central Marche, not far from Senigallia. It’s surrounded by strong walls, built between the 13th and 14th centuries, with four remaining gateways and some towers. Among the main attractions of Arcevia, there are nine castles called  Avacelli, Castiglioni, Caudino, Loretello, Montale, Nidastore, Palazzo, Piticchio and San Pietro. They were built between the 14th and 15th century and they have preserved their original layout up to the present day. Arcevia is within the protected area called “Natural Regional Park of Gola della Rossa and Frasassi”.

Not to miss is the Baroque church of San Medardo, half way up Corso Mazzini, where you can see two dramatically framed masterpieces by the Renaissance artist Luca Signorelli, “the Polyptych of St. Medard” (1507) and “The Baptism of Jesus Christ” painted while he was living here between 1507 and 1508, as well as important works of art of Giovanni and Mattia Della Robbia, exceptionally concentrated in this single town of the Marche, such as the altarpiece by Giovanni della Robbia (1513), an altar cloth  and a crucifix by Mattia della Robbia in glazed terracotta two painted statues of St. Catherine and St. Mary Magdalene by the Della Robbia brothers as well as a nativity scene by a workshop from the March,. They’re all in the church of St. Medardo. In the church St. Maria del Soccorso., instead,you can admire a impressive glazed altar piece representing the Annunciation, a work by Mattia della Robbia. In the castle of Avacelli, the church of St. Lorenzo houses a crucifix and a spectacular altar piece in painted terracotta representing the Madonna of the Rosary and of Mercy. It was done by a workshop from the Marche influenced by the Della Robbia brothers

Several smart buildings line the main Corso Mazzini. Piazza Garibaldi is presided over by the town hall, topped by its 14th century tower. On the opposite side, a balcony under the arcades looks out into the mountains to the south. Arcevia boasts a remarkable archeological museum, documenting the history of the Galli Senoni, a Celtic tribe who settled here around the 4th century BC., and the Misa historic theatre.

In the last few years in Arcevia it’s been cultivated again a variety of corn which ran the risk of disappearing. It’s called “Mais otto file di Roccacontrda” ( this is the ancient name of the town). It’s  excellent for a good cornmeal mush and it’s the main product to which the  event “Una domenica andando a Polenta “ (Cornmeal mush on a Sunday) is dedicated. It takes place every Sunday in Februar and it involves all the restaurants of the area. Similarly, every Sunday in October you can take part to the initiative called "Una domenica andando per primi” ( First courses on a Sunday). Not to miss is the “Festa dell’uva” ( Grapes festival”), which is scheduled in the last week end of September in Arcevia and the traditional “Festa d’Autunno “(Autumn festival) in the second weekend of November within the castle of Piticchio.

Many cultural events are organized in the town centre and in the various castles, among which the well known Arcevia Jazz in July and August and Arcevia International Art Festival from August to September.



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Discover the attraction The Misa Theatre

The Misa Theatre

The Misa Theatre, annexed to the "Palazzo dei Priori" building, is a remarkable construction from the second hall of the XVIIc.It has circular stalls and is...

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Arcevia – Piticchio Castle

Piticchio, one of the most beautiful and best-preserved in the Arcevia area, rises on a hill at 379 metres some seven kilometres from Arcevia. Various...

Discover the attraction Arcevia - Archaeological Museum - funerary accountrements in the Gallic necropolis of Montefortino

Arcevia - Archaeological Museum - funerary accountrements in the Gallic necropolis of Montefortino

In the Municipal Archaeological Museum of Arcevia, the wonderful funerary accountrements dating back to between the fourth and second century. A.D. are...

Discover the attraction Arcevia (Conelle) - Defensive Moat of the Eneolithic era

Arcevia (Conelle) - Defensive Moat of the Eneolithic era

The excavations conducted between 1958 and 1965 near Conelle showed a moat dating back to the neolithic period (third millennium BC). This extraordinary work...

Discover the attraction Arcevia (Ponte Pietra) - Ponte Pietra Paleolithic Deposit

Arcevia (Ponte Pietra) - Ponte Pietra Paleolithic Deposit

In Ponte Pietra is a Palaeolithic camp located on a river plain formed by the river Misa and its tributaries. The large amount of recovered materials, housed in...

Discover the attraction Arcevia (Croce Guardia) - settlement of the Bronze Age

Arcevia (Croce Guardia) - settlement of the Bronze Age

To the late Bronze Age belongs Monte Croce Guardia which extended over a large area of the mountain overlooking Arcevia. From the large settlement a few huts in...


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