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Already inhabited at the time of the Piceni and later of the Romans, Apiro is located on a hill 516 meters above sea level at the foot of Mount S. Vicino. Not far from the residential area stands the Benedictine Abbey of S. Urbano, built in Romanesque style before the year one thousand: it is a building of great architectural interest, divided into three naves and decorated by a crypt and by numerous stone-carved capitals. The old town still retains the castle walls (12th century), within which are monuments from various periods: the Church and the former convent of San Francesco (11th century), with a Byzantine-Romanesque portal of the twelfth century and third-fifteenth century frescoes; the Churches of Santa Felicita and San Salvatore, both of the twelfth century; the fourteenth century Church of Misericordia (Mercy); the Cappuccini Church, built in 1546; the Palazzo dei Priori, prior to the thirteenth century, and now the town hall; the Collegiate Church of S. Urbano (1633), in Baroque style, whose high altar is dominated by a beautiful painting portraying the Coronation of the Virgin.

The historic center, the monuments and the museums of the town are partially accessible. For information please write to Toll-free Number Marche Tourism (numeroverde.turismo@regione.marche.it) or contact the phone numbers listed below.


The Attractions of Apiro

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Apiro things to Watch

Discover the attraction Apiro - Pian dell'Elmo

Apiro - Pian dell'Elmo

At the feet of Mount San Vicino, 1000 meters above sea level, 13 Km away from Apiro and connected by a paved road, there is Pian dell’Elmo, a charming...

Discover the attraction Apiro - Museum of  St.Urbano

Apiro - Museum of St.Urbano

The collection, that dates back to the 17th century, is housed in the collegiate church of St. Urbano. The baroque interior of the church preserves a Callido...

Discover the attraction Apiro - Giovanni Mestica Theatre

Apiro - Giovanni Mestica Theatre

The theatre in Apiro, built in 1873 on a plan by the architect Francesco Scoccianti, is housed inside a private palace with a 16th century Baroque style...

Discover the attraction The Eldorado Water Park

The Eldorado Water Park

Near the Sibillini Mountains Park, on the slopes of Mount San Vicino, is the Eldorado Water Park, covering an area of 30,000 square meters. At the Eldorado...

Discover the attraction Parco Avventura del Lago di Cingoli

Parco Avventura del Lago di Cingoli

Set in a unique location, downstream from the dam of lake Castreccioni and near the Musone River, stands the Adventure Park of Cingoli. Its paths among the...

Discover the attraction Lago di Castreccioni o di Cingoli

Lago di Castreccioni o di Cingoli

Castreccioni lake is, in size, not only the largest artificial lake in the Marche region but also throughout central Italy. It is located in the...


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