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Amandola is a pretty small town located on the eastern slopes of the Sibillini National Park and on the left side of the Tenna river. It’s 500 metres above the sea level. The name Amandola derives from the almond tree which used to grow high in this area. It’s one of the most important centres in the Sibillini area, surrounded by high mountains, valleys carved by rivers, and lakes. The historic centre boasts remarkable religious buildings, such as the Cloister of St. Francesco, that is home to a museum documenting the social and natural aspects of the park, and the Park’s Visitor Centre. Worth seeing are also the 15th century house with a dovecoat,  the Fenice historic theatre and the nearby 15th century defensive tower. The 14th century church of St. Agostino strucks for its gothic-Venetian portal, while the church of S.Francesco boasts a wooden Crucifix  and impressive frescoes of the 15th century in the chapel. 
Not far from the town centre is the Romanesque abbey of Ss. Ruffino e Vitale, founded in the 6th century, and the abbey of SS. Vincenzo and Anastasio.
Amandola is well-known for the precious white truffle, as well as for the production of the pink apple from the Sibillini Mountains, which is a Slow Food protected product. The most important events taking place during the year are: the Paniccià Carnival; the historical festival of the “Canestrelle”, celebrating the offering of wheat to the local Blessed Anthony at the turn of August; “Diamanti a tavola”, the fair of the Precious White Truffle from Amandola in autumn.
Amandola was an important centre for the production of woolen clothes; today artisans keep their own crafts alive. There's also a wide range of services for mountain lovers, including bikers and hikers. Lake San Ruffino is a further open- air tourist attraction.


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Amandola - Abbey of Ss. Ruffino e Vitale

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Amandola - Abbey of Ss. Vincenzo e Anastasio

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