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Acqualagna lies near the entrance to the Furlo Gorge, along the ancient Via Flaminia. In the town centre there is the parish church dedicated to Saint Lucia.  Not far is the Sanctuary of Pelingo, housing  a venerated fresco of the Madonna with a Child. A remarkable site is the Church of San Vincenzo al Furlo, that is what remains of an ancient abbey of the 8 th  century, where San Romualdo and San Pier Damiani used to live. The monastery remained independent until the eleventh century when it fell under the influence of the nearby Monastery of Fonte Avellana. In Pietralata you can admire an old watch tower with a circular plan, while in Farneta there are the remains of a fortress. Along the road that leads to Piobbico are the Church of Madonna del Petriccio, the abbey church of Santa Maria Nuova and the Naro castle. In the area called Colombara is Villa Colombara, a Roman farm dating back to the 2nd century, whose rests are kept in Acqualagna Pitinum Mergens Antiquarium. Between the naked limestone cliffs on either side of the bright green water of the Candigliano river, there is the Furlo Gorge, a narrow road to pass. At one point the ancient highway passes through a tunnel hewn by hand through the hard rock. The work was ordered by Emperor Vespasian in 76 AD - a remarkable feat of Roman civil engineering. The town is included in Furlo Gorge Nature Reserve; it is one of Italy's most important centres for the truffle trade and one of the best places to head for tartufo bianco (white truffle) during the truffle season. The town claims to be the only place in Italy where you'll find one type or another of fresh truffle throughout the year, and handles around two-thirds of the entire Italian wholesale truffle business - some 50-60 metric tons per year of all varieties of truffle. It hosts  the Fiera nazionale del tartufo (National Truffle Fair) during the last weekend of October and first two weekends of November.


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Discover the attraction Flaminian Way and Furlo Gorge

Flaminian Way and Furlo Gorge

The Flaminian Way provided a vital link between ancient Rome, Cisalpine Gaul and the whole of Northern Europe. For the cities lying along its route this brought...

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Parco Avventura del Furlo

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Acqulagna - Museum of the Territory

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Discover the attraction Acqualagna - Abbey of San Vincenzo al Furlo

Acqualagna - Abbey of San Vincenzo al Furlo

Set in the wonderful scenery of the Furlo Gorge Nature Riserve, in Acqualagna, the white truffle capital of Italy, the abbey was built in memory of Saint...

Discover the attraction Acqualagna - Furlo Fall

Acqualagna - Furlo Fall

The Furlo Gorge is a deep and narrow split that separates Mount Paganuccio (976 m) from Mount Pietralata (888 m); it is characterized by almost vertical walls...

Discover the attraction Furlo Gorge Nature Reserve

Furlo Gorge Nature Reserve

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