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Discover the Marche Spa Centres for a relaxing holiday.

Starting with the Romans, many societies have enjoyed the benefits of the thermal waters found in the Marche. In more recent times Spa centres have become synonymous with tourism, and the distinction between centres for health and specialised medical care, wellness centres and beauty farms tends to be much less well defined. With regard to the chemical-physical classification of the waters, the mineral springs in the Marche are sulphurous and are used for mineral water cures, beauty treatments as well as for bottling. They are recommended not only for the benefits they bring to digestive, ear-nose-and-throat, respiratory, skin, gynaecological, arthrorheumatic, vascular and renal conditions, but also for problems with the skin and aesthetic cures. Furthermore, in response to the new trends in tourist demand and to increase the attraction of the existing spa centre facilities, the Region actively promotes Spa tourism which is an undeniable resource in addition to the traditional naturalist, historic-cultural and enogastronomic tourism. This itinerary will take us through the Spa centres in the Marche giving a description of the Spa resorts and of the mineral water springs in the region, ranging from those already known nationally to those which, although somewhat lesser known in the territory, are very worthy of being brought to the attention of travellers.

Thermal and Spa Centres Itineraries


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Discover the attraction of Petriano - Raffaello thermal spa

Petriano - Raffaello thermal spa

The Raffaello hot springs, in Petriano, are part of the green and uncontaminated rural landscape of the Montefeltro area, very close to Urbino: it is a place...

Discover the attraction of Camerano - Aspio thermal spa

Camerano - Aspio thermal spa

Not far from the Conero park, in a quiet area you can find the Aspio thermal spa.Inhalation therapies, nutritional advice, anti-aging cures, a health centre and...

Discover the attraction of Genga - San Vittore thermal spa

Genga - San Vittore thermal spa

The spa of San Vittore is in the wonderful gorge of Frasassi, near the well- known Frasassi Caves and the Romanesque abbey of San Vittore. It’s surrounded...

Discover the attraction of Tolentino - Santa Lucia Thermal Spa

Tolentino - Santa Lucia Thermal Spa

Santa Lucia Spa is located on top of a hill, behind a dense ancient wood. The extensive spa complex includes the Spa Beauty Centre of Santa Lucia and...

Discover the attraction of Sarnano - Sarnano thermal spa

Sarnano - Sarnano thermal spa

The highly effective mineral waters of the springs of St. James and the Three Saints and Sulfuree Terro, Sassetto and Borghetti, have amply demonstrated to...

Discover the attraction of Acquasanta Terme - Acquasanta Terme thermal spa

Acquasanta Terme - Acquasanta Terme thermal spa

On the national road Salaria, 18 kilometers from Ascoli Piceno,  is the  Acquasanta spa located in the municipality of Acquasanta Terme at an...


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