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Originally conceived as society meeting places, the historic theatres of the Marche have played an important role in developing the strong musical culture and the love of entertainment, a distinguishing trait that the tourist can still appreciate today by attending events during the series of theatrical representations and concerts that take place throughout the year. Over seventy historic theatres do in fact put on seasons of opera, classical music, dance, and plays. 

The Marche has been labelled as the region of theatres, mostly built in the 18th and 19th centuries: grandiose and splendorous such as those of Pesaro, Macerata and Ascoli Piceno; valuable because they preserve period scene changing machinery such as that of theatre at Offida. Theatres that are authentic miniature treasure chests such as that of Montegiorgio and the theatre at Rocca di Sassocorvaro. In Jesi the G.B. Pergolesi theatre is known for its decorated ceiling, the work of Felice Giani; at the Gentile theatre in Fabriano, the acoustics are the best of all the Marche theatres. The Teatro dell’Aquila in Fermo has a dedicated section that documents its history. Other theatres of note are the Le Muse in Ancona, the Misa in Arcevia, the Vittoria in Ostra, the Fortuna in Fano, the Cagli Civic theatre, in ostentatious neo-baroque style, the La Fenice in Osimo and the Mercantini in Ripatransone.

The region of theatres


Attractions along the route

Discover the attraction of Muse Theatre

Muse Theatre

At the end of Corso garibaldi, Ancona's main arterly, you will find Le Muse Theatre: neoclassical in style and built in 1826 it presents an elegant...

Discover the attraction of The Misa Theatre

The Misa Theatre

The Misa Theatre, annexed to the "Palazzo dei Priori" building, is a remarkable construction from the second hall of the XVIIc.It has circular stalls and is...

Discover the attraction of Fabriano - The

Fabriano - The "Gentile da Fabriano" Theatre

From an acoustic point of view, the Gentile da Fabriano Theatre (1884) is one of the most important of the Marche. The interior and the curtain of the theatre...

Discover the attraction of Jesi - G.B. Pergolesi Theatre

Jesi - G.B. Pergolesi Theatre

XVIIIth century theatre with fresco paintings by Felice Giani. Built on a design by Francesco Maria Ciaraffoni revised by Cosimo Morelli, the Teatro dedicated...

Discover the attraction of Osimo - The

Osimo - The "Nuova Fenice" Theatre

The "Nuova Fenice" Theatre was built in the same place as the older theatre and designed by the architect Cosimo Morelli between 1773 and 1787. The theatre...

Discover the attraction of Ostra -

Ostra - "La Vittoria" Theatre

“La Vittoria” Theatre is located near the Ostra Town Hall and it dates back to 1863, but there were three theatres before it. Originally, the...

Discover the attraction of Ascoli Piceno - Ventidio Basso Theatre

Ascoli Piceno - Ventidio Basso Theatre

The Ventidio Basso Theatre is located in Ascoli Piceno, in Via del Teatro, in front of the Major Cloister of Saint Francis’ Church and near Piazza del...

Discover the attraction of Offida - Serpente Aureo Theatre

Offida - Serpente Aureo Theatre

Originally, the theatre was located inside the town hall Palace it does not have its own facade, but the entrance is set under the town-hall Palace portico....

Discover the attraction of Ripatransone - Luigi Mercantini Theatre

Ripatransone - Luigi Mercantini Theatre

The Mercantini Theatre was designed by Pietro Maggi of Ticino in 1790, and it is located inside the Podestà Palace. Maggi was a designer from Val di...

Discover the attraction of Fermo - Theatre

Fermo - Theatre "Dell'Aquila"

The original structure of the theatre  was built between 1780 and 1790 by the master builder Luigi Paglialunga, following the aproject of Cosimo Morelli...

Discover the attraction of Montegiorgio - Alaleona Theatre

Montegiorgio - Alaleona Theatre

The theatre was opened in 1770, and it was built inside the old Town Hall. The theatre was made of wood and it consists of three rows of boxes and fourty...

Discover the attraction of Macerata - Lauro Rossi Theatre

Macerata - Lauro Rossi Theatre

The commission to design the present theatre in Macerata was given in 1769 to the Cosimo Morelli, and he managed to adapt Bibiena’s design to the...

Discover the attraction of Macerata - The Sferisterio

Macerata - The Sferisterio

Designed in Neoclassical style by Ireneo Aleandri, the Sferisterio is an open air stadium erected by private subscription in the 1820's originally built as a...

Discover the attraction of Cagli - Municipal Theatre

Cagli - Municipal Theatre

Originally, the theatre of Cagli was inside the Town Hall to perform Bernardino Pino’s play in 1585. The current theatre was built on another area of...

Discover the attraction of The theatre of Fortune

The theatre of Fortune

The original Teatro della Fortuna in Fano was built in 1665 by the great theatre and set designer Giacomo Torelli though it was rebuilt in...

Discover the attraction of Pesaro - Teatro Rossini (Rossini Theatre)

Pesaro - Teatro Rossini (Rossini Theatre)

The Teatro Rossini was inaugurated as the ‘Teatro del Sole’ (Theatre of the Sun) in 1637, during the pontificate of Urban VIII, who granted the old...

Discover the attraction of Sassocorvaro - Theatre

Sassocorvaro - Theatre "della Rocca"

The theatre was built inside the Sassocorvaro Fortress in 1475 by Francesc di Giorgio Martini, commissioned by Federico da Montefeltro. Ceased to perform its...


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