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Many of the 326 libraries in the Marche are housed in historic buildings that have facilitated the architectural, artistic and decorative evolution of the city. Almost all of them are the result of gifts from local ancient aristocratic and merchant families or are important private libraries built up by clergymen, religious and professional orders (physicians, lawyers, professors) associated with the Universities or Academies.

The Fonte Avellana library at Serra Sant’Abbondio, for example, begun as a monastery (980) and was originally based in the Scriptorium. It is divided into subject categories and contains books from the 16th century. The Oliveriana library in Pesaro is especially noteworthy, conserving numerous parchment scrolls and thousands of printed books and manuscripts of high value and importance. At Jesi, the Renaissance Palazzo della Signoria, designed by Francesco di Giorgio Martini, is home to the Planettiana civic library which contains numerous ancient and modern collections totalling over 11,000 books as well as the civic historical archives. The Monaldo Leopardi library in Recanati has over 20,000 books mostly collected and catalogued by Monaldo, the father of Giacomo. The location of the volumes and memories has remained unaltered since it was begun. The Mozzi Borgetti library in Macerata, created in 1773 in the rooms of the former College of the Society of Jesus, inherited the Jesuit library and many other collections. It currently holds 350,000 volumes, as well as 10,000 manuscripts, 300 incunables and over 4,000 editions from the 16th century. The Romolo Spezioli library was set up in Fermo in 1688. Spezioli was the private physician of Queen Maria Cristina of Sweden, at the court of Rome, while the Giulio Gabrielli library in Ascoli Piceno (1849), was added to especially with the archives and bookshops of the former religious corporation (1861 – 1866) and through bequests. 

Discover also the libraries and historic bookshops that today offer many opportunities for reading: from access to museums, discovering surroundings, antique furnishings, volumes of special decorative value and so-called special collections: manuscripts, prints, archive documents – to an investigation of how the library heritage was formed. Some libraries are actually open arenas undergoing continuous development; full of modern books and equipped with multimedia facilities, they are important centres for education and updating knowledge, covering a vast range of interests, such as those of Pesaro and Moie in the municipality of Maiolati Spontini.


The Historic libraries


Attractions along the route

Discover the attraction of Serra Sant'Abbondio:  Library of the hermitage Fonte Avellana

Serra Sant'Abbondio: Library of the hermitage Fonte Avellana

The library of the hermitage Fonte Avellana is one of the oldest ones as it was founded in the year 980 together with the monastery itself, which also includes...

Discover the attraction of Ancona- The Benincasa library

Ancona- The Benincasa library

The Benincasa library is right at the centre of the historic centre of Ancona ( address: 30, Via Bernabei), close to the San Pietro Gate ( Arco di Carola), and...

Discover the attraction of Ascoli Piceno: The Gabrielli Library

Ascoli Piceno: The Gabrielli Library

The Gabrielli library is mainly focused on humanistic studies, it consists of about 200,000 books, 30,000 of which are very old documents which once belonged to...

Discover the attraction of Camerino- The Valentiniana Library

Camerino- The Valentiniana Library

The Valentiniana Library  was founded in Camerino in 1802 due to the bequest of a nobleman from Camerino, Sebastiano Valentini, who was also a poet and a...

Discover the attraction of Fano: The Montanari audiovisual library

Fano: The Montanari audiovisual library

The Montanari audiovisual Library is housed in a building which was designed by Giuseppe Balducci. He recycled the materials coming from the demolished convent...

Discover the attraction of Fermo: The Speziali Civic Library

Fermo: The Speziali Civic Library

Founded in 1688, Fermo's civic library was named after the doctor born in Fermo, Romolo Speziali, who worked in Rome in the court of the Swedish queen...

Discover the attraction of Fossombrone- The Passionei Library

Fossombrone- The Passionei Library

On 19th April 1784 Monsignor Benedetto Passionei bequeathed his library to Fossombrone in behalf of the young fond of studying. He was born in Fossombrone in...

Discover the attraction of Jesi- The Planettiana Library

Jesi- The Planettiana Library

In 1907 Marquis Bernardo Pianetti gave his famous and rich library, whose origins date back to some centuries ago, to the municipality of Jesi. That’s...

Discover the attraction of Macerata: The Mozzi library

Macerata: The Mozzi library

In Macerata, despite the presence of rich private collections which often denoted open- mindedness, in the 17th century the collection of the mathematician...

Discover the attraction of Maiolati Spontini (hamlet Moie): La Fornace library

Maiolati Spontini (hamlet Moie): La Fornace library

The Furnace in Moie is a 19th century building with elliptical shape which was operative until 1966 and then completely abandoned. Close to the furnace...

Discover the attraction of Monsampolo del Tronto: the Thomist library of St. Alessio

Monsampolo del Tronto: the Thomist library of St. Alessio

With the aim of making available to the public a private collection as a source of information, Giovan Battista Corradi , a man of learning and prelate who was...

Discover the attraction of Monteprandone: The St. James della Marca Library

Monteprandone: The St. James della Marca Library

Among the libraries of the high medieval period belonging to monasteries and bishops exclusively reserved for Franciscan monks’s use, the library of Santa...

Discover the attraction of Pesaro- The San Giovanni Library

Pesaro- The San Giovanni Library

In 1543 Duke Guidubaldo II Della Rovere and Vittoria Farnese laid down the foundation of the new church of St. John the Baptist in modern Via Passeri. The...

Discover the attraction of Recanati: The Leopardi library

Recanati: The Leopardi library

The library of Count Monaldo Leopardi (1776-1847) significantly documents how cultivated social classes from the Marche were much interested in antiques’...

Discover the attraction of Recanati: The Benedettucci  Library

Recanati: The Benedettucci Library

The Public Library of Recanati was opened on 20th October 1959. The establishment of municipal councils after the war was at the origin of the creation of the...

Discover the attraction of Senigallia: The Antonelliana Library

Senigallia: The Antonelliana Library

The public library of Senigallia is named after two illustrious members of the Antonelli family, Nicola and Leonardo. Nicola Antonelli ( 1698-1767) served as a...

Discover the attraction of Biblioteca Ubaldini

Biblioteca Ubaldini

In the middle of the 17th century, due to the donations of Count Bernardino Ubaldini and Bishop Honorato degli Honorati, in Urbania the public library was...

Discover the attraction of Urbino- The Albani library

Urbino- The Albani library

In Urbino, Pope Clemens XI belonged to the Albani family. Aiming at the promotion of education and learning among his fellow citizens and university students,...

Discover the attraction of Fano: the Federiciana Library

Fano: the Federiciana Library

In 1681 Abbot Federici joined the Congregation of the Philippines in the Oratory of St. Pietro in Valle. He brought his “libraria”, a valuable...


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