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The Community of the Monasteries. Meditation routes.


Hospitality and spirituality for modern pilgrimages

"There is a place where the peace of nature permeates us like sunlight through the trees. Where the winds convey their strength and anxieties fall from us like leaves. It is not difficult to reach this place: just look inside yourself and possess a clean heart. That place is called the Monastery" (Romano Battaglia, A Clean Heart).

The spread of monasticism in the Marche region has historically characterized its territory through the construction of abbeys, hermitages and monasteries in which the modern pilgrim can today still find a dimension favourable to the research of oneself and the meaning of life. The monasteries are therefore the places where the light of hope and life can be reborn. These are the places where to meet peace.

The Marche Region has asked ISTAO to develop a studio project with the goal of creating a Community of Monasteries that reinterpret a path of acceptance, meditation and spirituality, according to particular monastic rules. 

The itinerary includes a selection of benedictine monasteries and of the Poor Clares with similarities in the rule and practice, such as the reception, the individual orientation, meditation, liturgy, study, that each of them has historically consolidated.

The Community of the Monasteries. Meditation routes.

Duration: 6 days
Recommended for: Family - Wellness - Leisure

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