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The Coastal and Hilltop Towns


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The Marche, a region bursting with art cities, seaside resorts and nature parks, also has one very important element from the perspectives of tourism and the beauty of the territory: the towns and villages overlooking the sea.

The coastal landscape of the Marche from Gabicce Mare to San Benedetto del Tronto appears constantly changing in its shapes and colours. It will never cease to amaze the visitor with its white cliffs dropping steeply down to the blue of the Adriatic Sea, the deep green of its gentle hills punctuated with old villages, and the ochre colour of its long sandy shores. In many towns along the coast an “upper town” can be seen, well protected by the walls of a castle high up on a hill – the original inhabited settlement - and the marina, the flat area lying along the coast, only later used for living and commercial purposes.

This kind of layout is typical of the medieval “castra” of Gabicce Monte (the ancient “Castellum Ligabitii”), Casteldimezzo and Fiorenzuola di Focara, in the province of Pesaro Urbino, as well as those of Falconara Alta north of Ancona and Sirolo and Numana to the south, ancient walled cities whose origins are lost in the mists of time. Recanati, Potenza Picena and Sant’Elpidio a Mare are different however; these are important towns a fair distance from the sea whose coastal areas, originally simple coastal moorings, later became the major towns of Porto Recanati, Porto Potenza Picena and Porto Sant’Elpidio.

Civitanova Alta, with its picturesque walled village in a position dominating the sea is emblematic, while the nearby Porto San Giorgio, the ancient “Navale Firmanorum” consists of an upper part, the Castello district and the Fortress and, beyond the main road, the marina; nearby stands the splendid Torre di Palme castle, perched on a rock that plunges steeply down to the sea.
Other Picene centres follow: Cupra Marittima and Marano, Grottammare and Grottammare Alta.

The Coastal and Hilltop Towns


Attractions along the route

Discover the attraction of Grottammare and its medieval village

Grottammare and its medieval village

Grottammare is a small resort on the southern Marche "Riviera delle Palme”; it boasts 5km of fine sandy beach. Along with the many palm trees that line...

Discover the attraction of Cupra Marittima Alta

Cupra Marittima Alta

Cupra Alta or Marano offers an amazing view over the sea and the Palm tree Riviera. The old part is almost intact, boasting walls with square and polyhedral...

Discover the attraction of Civitanova Alta

Civitanova Alta

Civitanova Alta is an ancient village built on a hill surrounded by the walls of a medieval castle. Here lies the historic theater Annibal...

Discover the attraction of Numana Alta

Numana Alta

Numana is located along the central Adriatic Sea, at the southern slopes of Mount Conero. Its territory is almost completely included in the Conero Regional...

Discover the attraction of Gabicce Monte

Gabicce Monte

The historical roots of this suggestive place are all linked to the old village of Gabicce Monte, rising at 150 m above sea level, and whose original...

Discover the attraction of Casteldimezzo


Casteldimezzo, once called Gaiola, Galliola and Gazoleto, since the 14th century has taken the current name, suggesting the location in-between...

Discover the attraction of Pesaro - Fiorenzuola di Focara

Pesaro - Fiorenzuola di Focara

Travelling along the panoramic road and crossing a beautiful environment protected by Regional Natural Park of Colle San Bartolo, you reach ...

Discover the attraction of Pedaso- Exploring rustic villages and authentic tastes

Pedaso- Exploring rustic villages and authentic tastes

Itinerary: PEDASO - CAMPOFILONE - MONTALTO DELLE MARCHE - PEDASO A route through various villages, each perched on a hill, which arose in defence against the...

Discover the attraction of Torre di Palme - Fermo

Torre di Palme - Fermo

The charming center of Torre di Palme is a fantastic panoramic balcony on top of a hill dominating the coast and the Adriatic Sea. Torre di Palme is...

Discover the attraction of Pesaro - Trebbiantico – Giardini di Villa Cattani Stuart (Villa Cattani Stuart Gardens)

Pesaro - Trebbiantico – Giardini di Villa Cattani Stuart (Villa Cattani Stuart Gardens)

The villa, built by Carlo Cattani as a private residence, dates back to the years 1630 to 1680. It was renovated and enlarged between 1717 and 1732, when the...


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