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St. Francis in the Marche, itineraries and suggestions


A journey through holy places

The Marche are heavily influenced by the figure of St. Francis of Assisi both given the region’s proximity to Umbria and its elective affinities with the Saint who was warmly welcomed in the Marche from the start. St. Francis’ historically documented first journey to the region dates back to 1209, when his destination was The March of Ancona; this was followed by many others until 1219, testifying the deep bond between the Saint and our Region.

In 1282 the province of March counted some 85 Franciscan monasteries with 1500 monks; every convent had a library and the confraternities used to run hospitals and charitable institutions. Moreover, the presence of the friars led to the commissioning of numerous works of art: crucifixes, paintings on canvas, carved altars, sculptural groups.The Franciscan Order has written an extraordinary chapter in the history of the Marche, influencing the culture and the religion of the area from the XIII Century onward.

The tour includes the places of the Marche who saw the actual presence of the Saint.

St. Francis in the Marche, itineraries and suggestions


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