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Made in the Marche: Quality shopping


Artisan excellence in the Marche

Artisan excellence in the Marche ... Discover top brand shopping. The Marche is the home of many of the most famous and prestigious ‘Made in Italy’ brands. This is why a trip here can be the opportunity to indulge in a splendid fashion tour, seeking out the many factory outlets and stores where the visitor can find excellent quality clothes, shoes, designer dresses and many other items at bargain prices throughout the year.

Purchases can be made from many famous designer brands in the clothing and footwear industry: the Marche is where some the major brands started, brands that are now famous around the world based in the area from Ancona to San Benedetto del Tronto, and from the Fermo area to Civitanova Marche and the entire Macerata territory.

Deals and unbeatable prices can be found in the many outlets of the companies that helped make ‘Made in the Marche’ famous all over the world, represented by prestigious designer names also sold online, in order to promote the globalisation of the products manufactured in the Marche.X

Made in the Marche: Quality shopping


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