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I Borghi più belli d’Italia” (Italy’s most beautiful villages) is a club made up of Italy’s most important towns in terms of art and history. It was set up in 2001 by the National Association of Italian Communes and operates with the aim of protecting, preserving and revitalizing small urban centres, either towns or villages, which are recognized as being of great importance although they are not included in the main tourist circuit. To be part of the club, a town must fulfil the following requirements: the integrity of the urban area, architectural harmony, high standards of quality of life, the artistic and historical quality of both private and public building heritage and good public services.

The club organizes various events in the villages such as festivals, exhibitions, fairs, meetings and concerts to enhance and promote the artistic, cultural and historical heritage as well as the best local wine and food. The inhabitants of villages, associations, schools and local artists are directly involved in the events. Towns in the Marche Region that are members of the “I Borghi più belli d’Italia” Association are: Cingoli, Corinaldo, Gradara, Grottammare, Matelica, Mondolfo, Montecassiano, Montecosaro, Montefabbri, Montefiore dell'Aso, Montelupone, Moresco, Offagna, Offida, San Ginesio and Treia. In the mountain areas: Frontino, Macerata Feltria, Monte Grimano Terme, Sarnano, Visso and others currently being considered for inclusion.


Italy’s most beautiful villages


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