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DOP products from the Marche


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The promotion and preservation of branded products are guaranteed through Quality Assurance and Product Certification, such as DOP (DPO, Protected Designation of Origin).

Typical inland products are pork and cured meats, such as DPO Carpegna ham and salami alla cacciatore (salami with sweet pepper and tomato) that can lay claim to a centuries-old sharecrop tradition. For cheese lovers DPO Fossa cheese (a strong, cave-aged cheese) is certainly worth trying as well as the vast range of mountain ‘Pecorino’ cheese made from ewe's milk.

Casciotta di Urbino is a very singular type of cheese; it was much appreciated by the famous painter and sculptor Michelangelo. The oil and honey produced in the Marche are also highly recommended.

Extra virgin olive oil from Cartoceto and top-quality Millefiori honey are well-known. Lovers of healthy eating can appreciate such products in restaurants, at agritourism centres and at special events held in the Marche region all year round.


DOP products from the Marche

Duration: 2 days
Adheres to: Taste and tradition  
Recommended for: Shopping - Food & Wine - Marchio di Qualità

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