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Arcevia and the castles of Arcevia


The village nestled in the hill


Arcevia is located on a hill with the charming name of Monte Cischiano, an extension of the lowlands of the pre-Apennine chain on the Umbria-Marche Region slopes. Its 13th/16th century town walls that still retain a number of towers and four gates are formidable but easily accessible at places.

The most interesting buildings of the old town are: the baroque collegiate church of St. Medardo, which contains masterpieces by Luca Signorelli, works by Della Robbia, Gian Battista Salvi and Claudio Ridolfi; the Misa theatre, an architectural gem built between 1840 and 1845 inside the Palazzo dei Priori and the Church of St. Agatha; the Cultural Centre of San Francesco, housed within the former Franciscan convent where the Renaissance cloister and the magnificent church are located. The State Archaeological Museum of Arcevia has an important collection of archaeological finds from the area surrounding Arcevia. There are splendid funerary remains in the Gallic necropolis of Montefortino (4th / 3rd century BC).

The nine castles of Arcevia (Avacelli, Castiglioni, Caudino, Loretello, Montale, Nidastore, Palazzo, Piticchio and San Pietro) are among the main attractions: these are walled towns based on a fourteenth fifteenth century plan, which have preserved their typical features right up to the present day.


Arcevia and the castles of Arcevia


Attractions along the route

Discover the attraction of Arcevia – Avacelli Castle

Arcevia – Avacelli Castle

Avacelli Castle, attested since 1248, was built on a hilltop by Rocca Contrada on the border with the territory under the control of Serra San Quirico. The...

Discover the attraction of Arcevia – Castiglioni Castle

Arcevia – Castiglioni Castle

Castiglioni Castle borders on the territory of the Serra de’Conti area. Attested as a castle since 1289, it was most likely founded after the nearby...

Discover the attraction of Arcevia – Caudino Castle

Arcevia – Caudino Castle

Mentioned for the first time in 1338, Caudino was one of last castles built by Rocca Contrada. It was an important bastion constructed to defend the...

Discover the attraction of Arcevia – Loretello Castle

Arcevia – Loretello Castle

Of all the castles still in existence today, Loretello is the oldest. First documented in 1072 and built at the same time as the church of S. Andrea by the...

Discover the attraction of Arcevia – Montale Castle

Arcevia – Montale Castle

Montale Castle sits on a circular hill located on the border with the municipality of Serra de’ Conti. Documented for the first time in 1223 as the...

Discover the attraction of Arcevia – Nidastore Castle

Arcevia – Nidastore Castle

Nidastore Castle – or "nest of goshawks", the birds used for hunting in the Middle Ages – is the northernmost castle in Arcevia and sits on the...

Discover the attraction of Arcevia - Palazzo Castle

Arcevia - Palazzo Castle

Palazzo is one of the area’s most characteristic castles. It sits at 508 metres on the slopes of Mt. Cadino in the upper valley of the Fenella river....

Discover the attraction of Arcevia – Piticchio Castle

Arcevia – Piticchio Castle

Piticchio, one of the most beautiful and best-preserved in the Arcevia area, rises on a hill at 379 metres some seven kilometres from Arcevia. Various...

Discover the attraction of Arcevia – S. Pietro Castle

Arcevia – S. Pietro Castle

The little castle of San Pietro sits on a hill at 354 metres not far from Loretello. It was mentioned for the first time when some of its inhabitants...


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