Ussita- Frontignano Bike Park


In summer the ski slopes of Frontignano turn into amusing tracks for Free Ride, Enduro, DownHill and All Mountain lovers. In the Frontignano Bike Park there are tracks of different degrees. Among available services: Bike shuttle, technical assistance at the departure and arrival of the chair lift, bikes for rent, mountain bike guides, relax area and much more. The chair lift allows you to go as far as the “Cristo delle Nevi” mountain shelter. From here you can start out on the tracks reserved for bikes.


The Attractions of Ussita

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Discover the attraction Snow Park Ussita Frontignano

Snow Park Ussita Frontignano

Frontignano Kairos Park is located in the central part of the slopes of the ski resort of Frontignano and can be reached with the four-chairlift called "The...

Discover the attraction Ice Palace in Ussita

Ice Palace in Ussita

Ussita is one of the few ski resorts in central Italy, in the Sibillini National Park, with a ice palace which is located in a valley on the road to Frontignano...

Discover the attraction Ussita - Ditch  La Foce

Ussita - Ditch La Foce

The "Foce" is a gully located along the western side of Pizzo Tre Vescovi and leads to the bottom of Val di Panico, that is a glacial valley. The canyon is...

Discover the attraction The itinerary of “Terre Mutate” (Changed lands)

The itinerary of “Terre Mutate” (Changed lands)

The itinerary of “Terre Mutate” is a route of over 250 km in the heart of the Apennines, between Fabriano and L’Aquila. It is a way with...

Discover the attraction Ussita - Monte Torrone

Ussita - Monte Torrone

By getting to Mount Torrone, we enter the Ussita municipality territory. The origin of the name, which the town shares with the creek flowing into its valley,...

Discover the attraction Ussita - Stream

Ussita - Stream "Ussita"

The middle stretch of the stream Ussita consists of a pretty canyon with a perennial water flow. The canyon begins with a sequence of five waterfalls,...