The Sirolo Picene Princess Grave


In Sirolo you will find an interesting archeological area at Pini place. This area is very important because it is the only one in Marche in which is possible visiting a sector of Picene Necropolis.

In 1989, in this archeological area it has been found out the “Sirolo Princesse Grave”, a funerary complex belonging to a Picene noble lady buried with a sumptuous set including also two chariots, referable to the Vi century b. C.

The two found chariots are of different typologies: a biga and a gig; as for other similar finds of central Adriatic Italy, they were disassembled and positioned in the sepulchre grave. This was a typical procedure of the Picene community funeral rites of the close Numana. Inside the Antiquarium Numana State Museum, into a support expressly provided to offer the dig, there have been positioned all the recovered and restored metal parts of the two chariots, leaving unaltered the proportions and the dimensions of the find.

Another as important as rare archeological find has been unearthed: an amber and ivory decorated kline which has confirmed the extraordinary importance of this royal burial. Besides of other interesting archeological finds (Attic bowls and cups with black shapes, oinochoe, strainer, bronze tripod, andirons and iron spears, terracotta dolii) there are materials and personal decoration artefacts regarding the funeral dress (sandals, pectoral-pendants, fibulas of different shapes and types).

Some of the rich and numerous archeological finds discovered is displayed at the Antiquarium Numana State Museum.


The Sirolo Picene Princess Grave

Via la Fenice, 4
Numana (AN)
071.9331162 (Antiquarium di Numana) 071.9331162

OPENING TIME: Apertura su richiesta per gruppi.

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