Sassocorvaro - Theatre "della Rocca"


The theatre was built inside the Sassocorvaro Fortress in 1475 by Francesc di Giorgio Martini, commissioned by Federico da Montefeltro. Ceased to perform its military function, the theatre was opened to the public only after 1860, when the fortress became part of the cultural heritage. The theatre has a particular structure: it does not have boxes, but only a wood mezzanine flanked by columns. The round arch was painted in 1885 by Enrico Mancini (1867-1913) with late-neoclassical figures and the prevalence of the colour blue, as well as the decoration overlooking the balcony, and the curtain. Unfortunately, painted decorations on the lower part of the walls were lost; today, the plaster wall is in one-colour.


Sassocorvaro - Theatre "della Rocca"

Piazza Battelli
Sassocorvaro Auditore (PU)
0722.76177 - 0721.69341 0721.30462

Recommended for: Family - Culture

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