San Severino Marche - Monastery of S. Chiara

The monastery is located in the area called "Castle", that is the old medieval town, standing high on a hill above San Severino Marche. The area is scenic and peaceful, although it is not quite easy to reach. The monastery, along with a church that no longer exists, was built in the first half of the 14th century for the Third Order Franciscan Penitents of the Blessed Angela da Foligno. In 1458 the Damianites of St. Saviour in Colpersito joined the Tertiary Franciscans in 1519 and started to follow the Rule of St. Clare. In 1552 the Blessed Camilla Battista Varano visited the sisters, taught them the new form of Clarian life and refounded the monastery according to the principle of life of the Poor Sisters. Despite the suppression of the religious orders made by the Italian government in 1861, the nuns were allowed to remain in the convent. Today the monastery is inhabited by a large community of Poor Clares (over 20). There is a guest house and another building providing accommodation. There are also large green areas covering almost one hectare of olive trees fields.



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