San Benedetto del Tronto - Museums Sistini of the Piceno

The Piceno territory surprises it's visitors for the quality & quantities of its immense of wealth. Art and nature are in perfect symbiosis. A rich land for Popes and Saints that were born; the most importante one is Pope Sisto V ( 1520-1590) borned at Montalto Marche, a Pope that revolutioned the urbanistic system in Rome. He erected the lateranesi buildings realized the vaticana library and a lot of other monuments. Personality of extreme importance that reflects in the artistic patrimony of the Piceno. An unique wealth that doesn't have caparisons elsewhere.
Centuries of peaceful and hard-working life have allowed an accumulation of rare artistic objects of art: shrine and wine glasses, hanging and furnishings, altar pales and clothes, statues and medals that today can be admired in the diffused eight museums of sacred art on the diocesan territory, including that of San Benedetto del Tronto so that to be able to visit the various urban centers with their treasures, that have been returned to the communuties that they have taken cared for centuries.

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