Natural Park of Monte San Bartolo


Europarc Federation Certified

The Natural Park of Monte San Bartolo covers an area of 1600 hectares of protected land; it was established in 1994; the towns included in the park are Pesaro and Gabicce Mare. It has very striking landscapes : the cliffs, narrow pebbled beaches and coves and large agricultural areas. The vegetation of Mount San Bartolo is varied: there are oaks, hornbeams and rare species such as the flax sea, the reed and the bright brooms. The park is also rich in bird life - the peregrine falcon, the honey buzzards, the seabirds, the cormorants , the heron, the mute swan live there, but other types of animals can be found : the deer, the fox, the badger, the porcupine and the weasel. Walking tours all around the protected area are fully available. Must see attractions are the ancient villages of Gabicce Monte, Casteldimezzo Fiorenzuola, Santa Marina Alta and the amazing Baia Vallugola. Cultural interesting sites are: Villa Imperiale, Villa Caprile and the archeological area near Colombarone, boasting a villa built in the III century AD.

Paleontological Museum
‘’Lorenzo Sorbini’’
P.zza Dante Alighieri 1,
61010 Fiorenzuola di Focara, (PU)
Tel. 0721 268426


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