Fermo - The Girfalco Park


The Girfalco park is on top of the Sabulo hill. Its characteristic is to unusually culminate in a large "square". Its great location allows visitors to enjoy breathtaking views that include the Mount Conero, the hills, the Adriatic Sea, Moterubbiano, Mount dell'Ascensione, the dawn on a clear day and last but not least the Bebie Alps. The park area is considered the spiritual seat of the soul of the city of Fermo, as here is where the Metropolitan Cathedral in white stone was built and  dedicated to the Assumption. At the centre of the park, a charming fountain dated 1928 celebrates the aqueduct of Tenna. In the eastern side of the park, finally, there is Villa Vinci that since the 16th C. until 1820 housed the monastery of the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin. The Girfalco also hosts a number of games designed for children as well as swings,  benches and tables. The area is rich in impressive specimens of Pines and Cedars of Lebanon, while the avenue leading to the cathedral is lined with rows of tall Ilex trees pruned in such a way as to result in a kind of high hedge. Next to the monument dedicated to the patron saint San Sabino a typical Italian garden was created, composed, among others, by Palm trees and flower beds of various types.


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