Fabriano - Hermitage of San Silvestro

The Hermitage of San Silvestro in Montefano of Fabriano was founded by San Silvestro Guzzolini in 1231 near the fount Vembrici; new monastic order was called Sylvestrine Congregation. After the suppression of the religious orders in 1810 in 1866, the hermitage becomes the spiritual center of the Sylvestrine Congregation. In the church we must mention a painting made by Claudio Ridolfi (1644) and  four gilded wooden statues dating back to the seventeenth century. The relics of San Silvestro are kept in a modern urn. The lower church, built in the thirteenth century, is dedicated to San Benedetto. The 24 lunettes decorating the walls of the cloister of the monastery are frescoed by Antonio Ungarini from  Fabriano (1771) and represent scenes of San Silvestro's life. Monte Fano currently houses a dynamic monastic community ; the hermitage features an efficient laboratory of restoration of old books, an historical library  boasting 70,000 volumes, the historical archives of the Sylvestrine Congregation and a guesthouse. In a wing of the former college there are 30 comfortable rooms with a view. The monastic community welcomes small groups all year round, for retreat day with a monk.
The Hermitage os San Silvestro joins the projects The monasteries of Marche.

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