Ancona - Complex of architectural terracotta of the archaeological area of ​​Civitalba

National Archaeological Museum of the Marche region, Ancona
. In Civitalba, in the valley between Misa and Esino rivers, between Arcevia and Sassoferrato, is the archaeological site of Civitalba of which there are still visitable remains; near it, it was found a unique complex of architectural terracotta. Parts of the frieze and the pediment, preserved in fragments, are dated back to the first half of the second century. B.C. and probably they belonged to an Etruscan Italic temple of Hellenistic tradition that was part of an upland sanctuary. The depicted scenes, although difficult to read, allowed to recognize a scene of looting of the sanctuary by the Gauls and representations of Dionysus with satyrs, maenads, wind and various deities to the discovery of a sleeping Ariadne. The purpose of this iconography was of course to provide a prestigious historical reference to the war that had marked that area a century earlier.
After being exhibited at the Civic Museum of Bologna, the architectural terracotta complex was transferred to the National Museum of the Marche Region, in Ancona, where it is still now.

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